We are pleased to present Evi’s Home Hotel & Apartments in Bern, Switzerland; a 30-room apart-hotel, that seamlessly integrates innovative design and space-optimizing solutions standing as a flagship representation of our work.

Project name: Evi’s Home Hotel & Apartments
Project website: https://www.evis-home.ch/
Project category: Hospitality
Studio Name: Dizz Concept
Design Team: Dizz Concept
Area: 4.8×5.7m
Year: 2022
Location: Bern, Switzerland
Consultants: Dizz Concept
Photography Credits: Wankdorf City Real Estate AG Other
Credits: Wankdorf City Real Estate AG

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©Wankdorf City Real Estate AG Other

The meticulously designed rooms are a careful balance of elegance and functionality. One feature worthy of note is the inclusion of the height-adjustable table, designed with a strong focus on ergonomics. This versatile piece of furniture easily adjusts to the user’s needs, accommodating a multitude of activities with a simple button click.

Another significant innovation we introduced in this project is the use of Kamara beds. These sliding beds offer unrivaled flexibility, as they can be used individually or easily connected to form a large, comfortable double bed. The design enables the beds to slide horizontally and then link together with a zip mechanism, transforming them into a spacious sleeping area. This adaptable solution maximizes space while providing a versatile sleeping arrangement to meet the varied needs of the guests.

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The concept of multi-functionality is further underlined with the award-winning Pop-up kitchen PIA. This compact substitute for a traditional kitchen elegantly redefines space and design boundaries. Occupying only 1.6 m², PIA transforms from an inconspicuous two-door cabinet into a fully equipped kitchen.

PIA, when closed, integrates seamlessly into the room’s design, appearing as a simple cabinet with a rotatable, wall-mounted TV featured on the kitchen’s doors. Upon opening, PIA reveals an optimal workspace with easily accessible utensils and groceries. The base includes a dishwasher, a waste disposal cabinet, a base cabinet with a shelf and drawer, and a refrigerator. The upper cabinets house a fully integrated hood, LED lighting, and electricity sockets, along with an open shelf for a microwave oven.

©Wankdorf City Real Estate AG Other

The application of PIA opens up endless opportunities for space repurposing, particularly in smaller apartments, tourist rentals, and offices, which makes it an ideal choice for Evi’s Home Hotel & Apartments where optimal space utilization is paramount.

Evi’s Home Hotel & Apartments epitomizes our commitment to pioneering designs that balance sophistication and practicality.

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©Wankdorf City Real Estate AG Other

Our vision extends far beyond this project as we continue to evolve and apply our inventive design solutions around the world, transforming spaces into experiences, one room at a time. We are proud to offer Evi’s Home Hotel & Apartments as a representation of this ongoing journey.


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