Designing a home entails more than just integrating elements like soil, climate, and materials; it also involves crafting a lifestyle that reflects the inhabitants. Each design and client combination comprises a distinctive blend of influences, encompassing people, places, events, memories, and perceptions that they have absorbed and observed.

Plot area: 4500 sqft
Built up: 7000 sqft
Timeline 2020-2022
Project cost: INR 6500 per sqft

The Screen Residence by Sthapatya a Design Studio - Sheet5
©Sthapatya a Design Studio

Located in Gandhidham, India, The Screen House is a breathtaking architectural bungalow that sprawls across 7000 square feet within a 4500 square feet area. Meticulously crafted by Sthapatya Studio, this residence stands out for its inventive design concept and meticulous attention to detail.

The house’s exterior is defined by privacy-providing screens that simultaneously offer shade while welcoming natural light to permeate through. These screens, composed of a striking combination of metal and cement sheets, serve as both visually captivating and functional features. The house’s rustic charm is further enhanced by the incorporation of local materials and skilled craftsmanship, such as exposed concrete walls.

The Screen Residence by Sthapatya a Design Studio - Sheet7
©Sthapatya a Design Studio

The house is conceived and manifested as a fusion of modern aspirations. Cantilevered boxes enveloped in exposed concrete amplify the volume, enhancing the execution of a prominent cube in the overall elevation. The layout of the house is thoughtfully planned to ensure efficient circulation and a seamless flow between rooms. Careful zoning of the interior spaces creates a harmonious balance between public and private areas. Open-concept living spaces facilitate effortless interaction and social gatherings, while secluded retreats provide tranquility and solitude.

Internally, the bungalow boasts a spacious and elegant living space that has been meticulously designed to offer a seamless flow between rooms and an ambiance of openness. The living area boasts high ceilings and expansive floor-to-ceiling windows. The minimalist yet sophisticated decor incorporates a thoughtfully curated selection of materials and textures, evoking a sense of warmth and comfort.

The Screen Residence by Sthapatya a Design Studio - Sheet9
©Sthapatya a Design Studio

The interiors of the house showcase a rich material palette, featuring polished wood and kota stone flooring, which delineate distinct zones within the expansive living spaces instead of relying on physical barriers. These defined areas are accentuated by the presence of white walls, serving as a unifying element. The furnishings cleverly utilize different shades of wood, creating a contrast with the inviting warmth exuded by the kota stone. Subtle metallic accents and glass-finished furniture contribute a touch of opulence to the overall decor, complemented by the abundant influx of natural light streaming through the full-height windows. To enhance the entryway, a pivot door has been clad in copper, emphasizing its raw aesthetic appeal.

The ground floor of the house features common areas, a master bedroom, and a guest bed. On the first floor, three bedrooms and a study space are connected by a passageway that overlooks the double-height family seating area. The second floor encompasses a guest bedroom, an open-to-sky gym area that welcomes the refreshing morning breeze, and an adjacent steam enclosure. The master bedroom is a stunning retreat, complete with a private balcony. Luxurious finishes and fixtures adorn the carefully designed bathrooms.

©Sthapatya a Design Studio

Overall, The Screen Residence is an exquisite and functional bungalow that offers a luxurious and comfortable living experience. The ingenious use of screens and locally sourced materials, combined with the elegant and sophisticated interior design, solidifies this residence as a true masterpiece of architectural excellence.


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