When the client approached us to revamp their existing 20-year-old home located in central Bengaluru, we were amused by their art collections sourced from various parts of the world.

“Can we refurbish and reuse these art pieces? And not do away with them?” As we spoke, Our vision was to create a simple yet functional artistic home where each wall is curated consciously with surprises throughout.

Project Name: Project 四〇一
Studio Name: Archolloids

Project 四〇一 by Archolloids - Sheet5

As a home for four (yes! Including their fur babies) Mr.Chester and Ms.Neeti wanted their home to be an artistic abode that speaks volumes. Hence it was essential for us to come up with design ideologies and elements that reflect their personalities. The result was an art-adorned home that seamlessly blends elements of modern and contemporary design to create a truly unique living experience.

As a design practice, we always need to allow maximum natural light within the spaces and keep it functional yet aesthetically appealing. Having said that, we found the need to make over the entire home while keeping the structure intact. Our main challenge came from using the existing walls (with minimal demolition) and slabs whilst maintaining the scent of older construction.

Project 四〇一 by Archolloids - Sheet6

Enriching user experience:

The visitor is transported through distinct experiences through the entry and common spaces later leading them to the private zones. We refurbished the existing main door by simply repolishing the solid wood door and finishing it with veneer and grooves. The long handle on the main door, made by reusing the metal remains at the site, is a small snippet of what one would encounter inside.

The foyer unit has always been used as a transition space since time immemorial. In older constructions, this poses a challenge where one is forced to make this space welcoming and pleasant. Taking a different perspective here, we wanted to make use of the crafts and artefacts that were collected by the clients over a period of time. This made us create various niches of different sizes and shapes owing to the existing walls. Thanks to our contractors and labourers, who precisely scooped them out to create a visually appealing entry foyer. The walls have been curved in certain areas that add to the dramatic effect of the home. We made use of a rarely-used Piano stand to refurbish the existing artwork piece from Spain.

Of volumes and wonders :

As one transcends from the entry foyer, the common areas come into play. Manifesting these areas to be highlighted by a single feature wall, we created a cement texture finish and the furniture evolved around the theme.

The drawing room is an open plan that features a beautiful Cement finish wall anchored by a plush blue sofa, paired with armchairs upholstered in a beautiful grey fabric. A refurbished swing placed near the large windows completes the overall look of the space providing scenic views. This space further opens out to the dining area which features a wooden dining table with vintage-inspired rattan chairs.

Project 四〇一 by Archolloids - Sheet9

These hand-crafted and custom-made wooden pieces of furniture for the drawing room and dining were sourced from different vendors mixed and matched to get the required output. To complement the grey textured wall, we ideated a pinewood finish with rafters that created an invisible wall, opening out the multipurpose lounge.

“We spend most of our time in the multipurpose room, hosting guests and friends!” As Chester briefed us, we felt the need to create a stunningly attractive room. In the context of this, the lounge consists of a very simple TV unit and the focus was drawn more towards the cat tree that was made to be a part of the unit. Why leave back the four-legged fur babies while we enjoy? And this made us create a cosy cat-tree unit and a tiny sleeping area that they could use anytime!

The powerhouse design:

As rightly called the powerhouse of a home, the kitchen design has been kept simple and minimal following the colour theme of the rest of the spaces. The kitchen is accessible through a custom-made barn door, made of veneer grooves that match the backsplash tile lines.

Speaking modesty:

Both the bedrooms in this home, have simple wall structures and custom-made beds that matched the existing wardrobe, which we planned to retain. With unparalleled views, the walls leading to the balcony were completely removed which opened up to the scenic views the clients always aspired for. The restrooms respectively were themed to match the interiors of the home. The theme of the master bathroom was monochrome and hence the usage of black and white fixtures and tiles played a significant role. The powder room’s focus was on the flooring where we created a pattern and the rest of the areas to match. The guest bathroom was adorned with colourful pattern tiles on the walls and a custom-made wash basin to match the tiles.



Overall, this home is a pure manifestation of understanding the clients and their needs and their true reflection of their love of travel and appreciation for diverse cultures. Thus a space was created that feels warm and inviting yet exciting and full of life!


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