The appartment is located in an older house in the outskirts of Tallinn. The goal of the renovation was to create a spacious and bright home for a young family. The appartment was originally located on two separate floors that were connected by a chilly stairwell.

Studio Name: Britta Kodres Interiors
Design Team: Britta Kodres and Maarja Mets (currently Ruumidee)
Area: 114 m2
Year: 2019
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Photography Credits: Tõnu Tunnel

Pehme minimalism (Soft minimalism) by Britta Kodres Interiors - Sheet4
©Tõnu Tunnel

The space itself seemed small and there was nowhere to put things away. After months of planning and hard work the project was finally completed.

Pehme minimalism (Soft minimalism) by Britta Kodres Interiors - Sheet6
©Tõnu Tunnel

The two floors were connected and the stairs became a natural part of the space.

Pehme minimalism (Soft minimalism) by Britta Kodres Interiors - Sheet9
©Tõnu Tunnel

The rooms also got a new layout, wardrobes and plenty of light colors were added. The result – comfortably spacious surfaces with some room even left over.

Abstract about Britta Kodres Interiors:

Britta Kodres Interiors focuses on crafting human-oriented living spaces, offices and public areas that are intimately connected to nature. Their spaces are designed with the aim of creating visual appeal, promoting physical health, and providing mental relaxation, ultimately enhancing the quality of life.

The company’s design philosophy is rooted in the idea that space should not only serve as a functional area but also as an environment that inspires and nurtures people. They believe that less is more and draw inspiration from Nordic design language, Japanese minimalism, simplicity, and the slow living lifestyle. In their designs they prioritize quality over quantity, opting for a single solid wood lamp over multiple plastic gadgets.


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