The bathroom is one of the most intimate rooms in the home. For a long time it was considered a purely functional place, but it has become more of a living space in recent years. This shift in perception has not gone unnoticed by hansgrohe. The well-known manufacturer of premium bathroom fittings wishes to move away from the theme of just water, expanding its portfolio to include bathroom ceramics and furnishings. As part of this move, hansgrohe invited us to stage the new hansgrohe bathroom world. We came up with no less than three dream bathrooms that are just as individual as their imagined users. The bathroom concepts will be used as a tool of inspiration at trade fairs, in showrooms and also digitally.

Project Name: Hansgrohe Dream Bathrooms
Studio Name: Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects

Hansgrohe Dream Bathrooms by Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects - Sheet5
©Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects

We thus pay tribute to hansgrohe’s brand message: ‘feel alive – be alive’. Our dream bathrooms are in tune with their users and translate lifestyles into lively living spaces. ‘Better Analog’, ‘Better S’ and ‘Better E’ are three stages that represent very different wishes and needs through their mix of surfaces, materials, lighting and accessories.

Hansgrohe Dream Bathrooms by Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects - Sheet8
©Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects

Better Analog

Better Analog addresses a target group that values quality and appreciates the finer things in life. The colour and material schemes are minimalist, with clear lines and rectangular shapes dominating everything including the bathroom furniture. A large mirror blends into a picture wall with minimalist abstract artworks in a Petersburg hanging. The bathroom is thus transformed into a gallery and a space for collectors. Above this, a round ceiling cut-out opens up and hints at where light or perhaps even daylight can enter this very private museum space. We extend the tension of this precise staging through the materials, such as a natural stone-effect porcelain floor and a white tile with a great material depth – a beautifully imperfect perfection. In the shower, the tiled surface is interrupted by a smooth plastered surface. It wraps around the corner, providing a sense of security in the intimate moment of nakedness. Asian accessories are not only associated with minimalism. Their particular aesthetic and pleasure in the object and its detail bring a dash of sensuality into the space. Because our world for connoisseurs and high expectations is never purely minimal.

©Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects

Better S

Colourful, playful and versatile – this is how Better S presents. By using wallpaper and paint, this bathroom can be changed up quickly and easily. It adapts to your life, for example when your children leave home. And it allows users to be bold and reinvent themselves, depending on what suits them at any given time. Moreover, it serves as a counter-design to the digital world. A handmade tile with a beautiful textural depth forms a large and tactile backdrop. In combination with the many green plants, we create a sustainable bathroom with a dynamic feel, which corresponds perfectly with the softness of the washbasin design and the wooden surfaces. A feel-good bathroom in which to linger, have fun and (re)write stories together.


Better E

Better E is a bathroom for strong personalities. It’s clear that the person who lives here wants to express themselves, loves to travel, and is happy to put their personality on display. The tiles in this bathroom walk the line between ethnic and fashion. And in juxtaposition to the blue wall, they create a tension between dark and light surfaces that makes the room appear larger and more tangible. Travel souvenirs and woven straw objects create a world of accessories that plays with patterns and finds its place on the wall quite confidently and naturally. Their almost disorderly hanging creates a natural nonchalance and expansiveness. Just like the pre-loved, Asian-style wooden bench, they tell stories from a life well lived, and add a very personal layer to this bathroom. Cacti are also plants with a ton of character, like sculptures or another idea of art. All this conveys an energy that shows that the person who resides here lives their life to the full, enjoys creating things, and dares to bring disparate things together.


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