Small area—a maximum of space and the very essence of elegance. The almost 50 square meter flat designed to meet the needs of a single occupant proves that such a combination is feasible.

Studio Name: KODO Projekty i Realizacje Wnętrz
Design Team: Adrian Nicpoń
Area: Interior
Year: 2021
Location: Poland, Warsaw
Consultants: –
Photography Credits: Paweł Czaja

A Drop of Tin by KODO Projekty i Realizacje Wnętrz - Sheet3
©Paweł Czaja

The arrangement of the flat is made up of three key rooms—a living room, a bedroom, and a bathroom—and is geared towards the maximum organisation and gaining as much storage space as possible, while maintaining the unique consistent style based on natural colours and noble materials.

A Drop of Tin by KODO Projekty i Realizacje Wnętrz - Sheet4
©Paweł Czaja

It is a world dominated by white, grey, and wood. The latter is present in the walls, the furniture, the tabletops, and—above all—in the strikingly beautiful furniture fittings made of veined veneer in the colour of tin oak. The uniform bespoke wardrobes form entire walls, while the futuristic bookcases, the cabinet in the living room, the coffee tables, and the dining table are almost like original sculptures, wrapped in the remarkable beauty of the upholstered furniture. The arrangement uses vertical wall mouldings that optically increase the height of the room, as well as minimalistic lighting and steel accessories that enhance the atmosphere of casual, refined elegance.

A Drop of Tin by KODO Projekty i Realizacje Wnętrz - Sheet5
©Paweł Czaja

The combination of the kitchen, living, and dining areas made it possible to gain an open layout where the focus is on the structural column enclosed by mirrors and an original bookcase that further separates the entrance area. This original and functional solution allowed us to discreetly enclose the washing machine and thus—to gain additional space in the bathroom. The tasteful built-in wardrobes are the unifying element of all the rooms—they create an atmospheric, warm composition concealing plenty of storage space.


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