Located in Porto Feliz, in the countryside of São Paulo, the KOU House emphasizes the balance of warmth – expected from a country house – with the versatile and contemporary way of design.

Design Team: Daniela Frugiuele, Eduardo Sousa
Area: 700 sq m
Year: 2020
Location: Porto Feliz, SP, Brazil
Consultants: Lighting design: Maneco Quinderé Landscape designer: Rodrigo Oliveira Photographer: Fran Parente Cabinetry: Ornare
Floors and coatings: Exbra
Photography Credits: Fran Parente

Kou House by SUITE ARQUITETOS - Sheet6
©Fran Parente

Seeking to adapt the house to the family habits and needs, the main guideline of this project was designing rooms to be integrated or isolated in a simple opening of folding doors, which become practically invisible when closed. This solution, commonly used in SUITE’s project, is also found on the TV panel, which closes in a mimetic way when it is not in use.

Kou House by SUITE ARQUITETOS - Sheet7
©Fran Parente

The KOU house expresses an authentic experimentation around the dissolution of architecture into its natural surroundings. This concept is disseminated in the layout design and, consequently, in their views and sensations, and also in the specification of natural coatings, colors, fabrics and its weft and textures, as well as the furniture.

Kou House by SUITE ARQUITETOS - Sheet10
©Fran Parente

A further striking feature of this project is the subtle way in which the contrasts were worked, whether in the difference between volumes, materials and textures, or the furniture of different eras or styles, essentially in a harmonious and balanced approach.


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