The world around us might be filled with a lot of cacophony; but the one place which never fails to provide an omnipresent vibe of solace is ‘Home’. A recently completed design, entitled ‘Eclectic Bliss’, aptly aims to create an environment of blended tranquillity; with the aid of  various elements, textures, styles, trends and colours. Located in Gurugram, this project unifies the concept of aesthetics and environmental concern, through minimal yet impactful design choices.

Project Name: Eclectic Bliss
Studio Name: AVG Architecture En Interiors

Typology : Residential Interiors
Location : Gurugram, India
Built up Area: 2600 sq.ft.
Completion : 2021
Design Lead : Archana Van Gils
Photography Credits : Gautam Ahluwalia
Text Credits : Ar. Bineeta Ghoshal

Eclectic Bliss by AVG Architecture En Interiors - Sheet6
©Gautam Ahluwalia

Clients of this project desired a home dipped in shades and elements of nostalgia. Envisioning a space for their family, the patrons wanted us to incorporate all furnishing, decor pieces and other aesthetic aspects; which have been a part of their life journey, since their first home. Based on this brief, which required showcasing a blend of classics with a touch of modernity, we chose to create an eclectic mix of the old and the new!

Eclectic Bliss by AVG Architecture En Interiors - Sheet8
©Gautam Ahluwalia

A mirrored foyer, dipped in a salmon tint greets the imminent user, into this blissful household. Vibrancy has been added to this space by a chrome cabinet adorned with apt decor pieces. Further on, for the living cum dining area, we intended to capture the essence of this residence through every little detail. From using chic colours like sherbet and blue, balancing it with grey and white verticals,  and a graceful colonially styled console. To crack the ‘in-vogue’ appeal a notch, touches of trendy patterns and a unique chandelier, have been incorporated accordingly. An accentuated wall, featuring aesthetic elements from their past residence, were painted in a warm hue of grey, to further amp the intimacy quotient of this harmonious home. More private sectors of the home, including the bedrooms, have been designed with designated colourful themes and materiality that reflect the true persona of the resident. Where one bedroom showcases a bright blush tone, the other dons a dynamic and metallic aura. Nurturing the innocence of our comparatively young clients, the final bedroom has been curated using twin beds with strokes of green and blue.

Eclectic Bliss by AVG Architecture En Interiors - Sheet11
©Gautam Ahluwalia

With an aim to implement the requisite clientele essence, we at AVG Architecture En Interiors sought to utilise the simple principle of Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. Furniture pieces bearing a sense of character and a ton of fond memories, were upcycled and given a vibrant touch of colours. Other ingenious ideas were executed which enabled using historic decor items, as plush and ornate aesthetics in the current design scheme.

Overall, Eclectic Bliss was successful in elucidating what we as a firm have always believed in, ‘Creating spaces that enhance user experience and are responsive to the world!’

Ar. Archana Van Gils


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