Bespoke expressions of luxury permeate this residence in Sushant Lok, Gurugram.

Residence B17 is an exuberant expression of opulence. Using superlative materials and a customised range of furniture, the design approach was to create a timeless style that stimulates and uplifts all the senses. Rich material palettes and subtle shades are balanced together to represent the diverse design sensibilities of the multigenerational family it houses.

Project Name – Residence B17
Typology – Residential
Plot Area – 800 sqyrds
Built-Up Area – 16,000 sqft
Location – Sushant Lok, Gurgaon
Year of Completion – 2020
Architecture Design Firm – The Picturesque Studio
Principal Architect – Priya Doon
Photography – Suryan and Dang
Text Credit – Sadhya Bhatnagar

Residence B17 by The Picturesque Studio - Sheet4
©Suryan and Dang

A double-height entrance lobby invites the residents into a luxurious ambience, setting the tone for the design scheme of the entire home. Visible from the outside, the staircase takes up one corner of the house, with a sleek multi-level metal chandelier adorning the stairwell and traversing the full height of the three storeys. The moody tones of filo oro laminam-cladded columns and tobacco-brown marble steps stand out against the glass railings and beige stone wall.

The layout of the house is based on the intention to provide the family with sufficient spaces to interact throughout the home, resulting in several common spaces carefully arranged along—and within—both the public and private areas. These comprise the informal lounges, family dining and living spaces, formal spaces to entertain guests, as well as the bar and lobby lounges. The formal living and dining areas are the epitome of luxury, with customised artworks, patterned flooring and rich overlays of multiple textures and warm colours. A metal partition between the two spaces adds glamour and the appropriate amount of visual separation required in the room. However, the pièce de résistance of the living room is a metal installation that runs across the length of the back wall.

Residence B17 by The Picturesque Studio - Sheet6
©Suryan and Dang

The family lounge on the ground floor overlooks a green terrace and exudes casual comfort with its grey-hued seating and nesting coffee tables. Similar hues feature in the lacquered glass of the contemporary TV unit, while a large suspension light beside it adds drama to the elegance of this space. In another corner of the home, the bar lounge has been given a retro barnhouse aesthetic, with reclaimed wood used for furnishings and wall claddings, and several antique artefacts on display. With natural light flooding in from the adjacent open greens, it sets the right mood for a lively gathering.

Special focus has been given to the bedrooms while designing this home. Spacious and airy, each one has a unique character aimed to bring out the personality of its inhabitant. A careful selection of beds in materials ranging from soft leathers, rich velvets, polyester finishes and matt gold metal accents contributes to this purpose. One of the kids’ bedrooms features a poster bed furnished in onion pink velvet and set against pine wood wall cladding that extends along the ceiling above the bed. A wing chair, side tables and an ottoman with rich gold frames and a similar pink shade complement this setting, while soft furnishings in cream white were chosen to finish the look. A large bay window entirely upholstered in grey tones runs along the length of one wall, holding a wide seating at its base and overlooking the extensive landscape below.

Residence B17 by The Picturesque Studio - Sheet8
©Suryan and Dang

Crafting a personalised take on subtle maximalism, Residence B17 blends modern luxury with easy functionality. While all the different spaces carry a unique aesthetic of their own, they are brought together within the overall clean lines and sharp accents predominantly found running throughout the house and lending it a sophisticated touch of glamour.


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