Kiran Reddy’s  Residence

The classical style originated in ancient Greece and Rome and is characterized by columns, ornate moulding, and pediments. For centuries, architects have drawn influence from these civilizations and incorporated traditional ideals into subsequent styles of architecture.

Project Name: Kiran Reddy’s Residence
Studio Name: Design Thoughts Architects

Kiran Reddy’s Residence by Design Thoughts Architects - Sheet4
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This classical villa of 32’ x78’ emphasizes a direct connection between indoors and outdoors with the use of large windows and skylights which help to cut down on lighting costs. The plans use a balanced and symmetric design for both indoors and out. The classical house plan designs though have the traditional features characteristics these floor plans have modern conveniences providing spacious living and allowing open way. The front porch has landscaping elements that make the area more lively. Windows with steel ornamental railings are provided for achieving the classic look.

Entrance Porch:

The elevated platform extended from the main structure to form a shelter cover that functions as a transition zone from an open space to a semi-covered area. The various flooring mediums used across zones convey differences in space without the need for physical boundaries such as borders or plants.

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Parking space of two cars with some landscape around gives the villa a grand entrance and makes the space more lively.


The minimal theme gets a twist with a fusion of bright colours and earthy hues. The classic grey chair and simple coffee table go well with the minimalistic theme. A double-height ceiling feels more spacious, and the rooms look much more extensive. Skylight gives a new look to the living space while adding depth and natural light to the space.


A luxurious 14’x14′ master bedroom includes doors that lead directly to an outdoor space, whether a private balcony overlooking a good landscape.

Open Kitchen With Dining:

The dining room and kitchen are linked while giving each space its own identity. Six seater dining table is provided which acts as a symbolic border between the food preparation zone and the rest of the daily living space.

Kiran Reddy’s Residence by Design Thoughts Architects - Sheet8
©Design Thoughts Architects

Outdoor Garden:

A classic design with a raised patio and a lawn at a different level. The ledges and steps will help you expand your options for how you can use the space by providing additional spaces for arranging plant pots or adding furniture to enjoy the views.

Balcony with Terrace Garden

A balcony with a terrace garden reduces indoor temperature and increases the amount of oxygen in the air. A small Seating area on the balcony with the landscape area will help in creating a good ambiance.


  • Parapet walls in classical styles make it look classy.
  • Windows with steel ornamental railings are provided for achieving the classic look.
  • Corinthian columns are used for elevation purposes’
  • Classical lamps are installed which illuminates a particular area and gives a classy look.
  • Simple composition of materials and detailing is shown in the elevation.
  • This Villa has a full height front porch that is set with a low pitched sloping roof.

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