Foremost requirement of the client was they wanted the house to be 100% Vaastu compliant. It was a challenge to accommodate all the Vaastu related requirements while not compromising with aesthetics and functionality. The residence is of 6700 sqft. carpet area situated in Choubey Colony,Raipur.

Project Name: Bungalow in Raipur
Studio Name: Azure Interiors

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As you walk into the main gate of the house, You can see a lot of plants in the porch. It has a garden & parking space. After entering through the main door, you have mandir space that you can see vaguely through the sandwiched glass and entrance to the formal drawing room. Drawing room is quite luxurious & elegant in design. After that you have in-formal living space that is 24 feet in height & looks grand. Ground floor also accommodates Kitchen, Dining space and two bedrooms. First floor has a common space with stylish seating setup and accommodates three bedrooms and a large balcony. On the second floor, you have recreational space like Gym, Jacuzzi Area & Spa room along with Home theatre.

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Although the overall design of the house is contemporary, Materials used are extremely rich and timeless like the center table have selenite top that gives a sense of connectivity throughout the house. Also we have used a limited number of materials in the entire house. For ex:- Same veneer has been used in all the bedrooms and common areas. Same goes with Italian stone, some of the fabrics etc. We absolutely loved designing the entire house as open plan, ample space and good height.

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The theme of the space

Theme of the space is understated luxury. We have incorporated a lot of detailing in each aspect of the house that gives a sense of luxury. We have stuck to the theme except for the kids room that is earthy in theme.

The colour and material palette

Entire backdrop of the house is neutral in color. Formal drawing room has tints and shades of beige. Have used raw silk wallpaper on the walls. For dining area, we have used two pastel color fabrics on the walls that gives the double height area a cozy look. Statuario marble has been used on the double height TV unit that is strategically placed against the double height window and hides the curtain when not in use. Same marble clads the lift walls as well.

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Design philosophy

We believe in designing spaces that are timeless and exudes luxury without going overboard with materials and patterns.


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