The Media Library « Les Sources Vives » blurs the purviews of architecture and sculpture between them as well it plays with the definitions of object and landscape.

Category : Cultural building
Name of project : Media library « Les Sources Vives »
Design Team: Locuscape, Anaïs Lancrenon, Anatech,  Arcad, Stéphane Brémond, 3IA, Philippe Delassossais, Studetech,  Acka, Laura Houssin, Yorick Isnard, Nathalia Rye Fujii, Sofia Vasconcelos, Julian Catherine
Area : 1 250m²
Completion date : 29/01/2021
Location : 27, Rue du Vieux Ru, 77 210 Avon, France
Photo credit : David Foessel
Name of client : Ville d’Avon

7319-Media library « Les Sources Vives » by MU Architecture - Sheet5
©David Foessel

Architecture as a sculpture

The Origami like structure, the zinc roofing recalling a folded white echoes with the arcades of the viaduct and the shape of the nearby Cultural Center. Passers-by are drown to enter the building that unfolds in front of them like a large, translucid book would do.

On the inside, spaces are identified by an immaculate ceiling whose large movements drift across the framework, highlighting each of the dedicated volumes (reception, children books, online research…)

7319-Media library « Les Sources Vives » by MU Architecture - Sheet7
©David Foessel

Roofing and ceiling are folded in a maner that guides readers to wander further into the Media Center. This support and arouse the feeling of curiosity, which we believe is a core value of the Culture

7319-Media library « Les Sources Vives » by MU Architecture - Sheet9
©David Foessel

Architecture as a landscape.

The roofing emerges from the ground, making the whole building connected to the ground and to the natural environment. Thus the Media Center embraces its surroundings. It becomes the landscape. As we believe that landscape is not limited to only what one can see, the building is supported by 15 drillings that allow the exploitation of geothermal energy, gathering calories from the underground or refreshing the air by ventilation, depending on the season.


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