This is a project for the restoration of a heritage-protected building in Foz Velha. It includes a doorway that belongs to a 14th-century construction, being cited in the classification municipal paper that this element is contemporary to the Castle of Foz. Medieval elements in the layered-by-time ruin strengthen the building’s ownership of the value of antiquity.

Project name: Casa Montebelo
Architect’s Firm: Alessandro Pepe Arquitecto
Contact e-mail:
Project location: Rua de Montebelo 59, Porto, Portugal
Completion Year: 2022
Gross Built Area (square meters or square feet):  166 m2
Lead Architects: Alessandro Pepe

Other participants:
Collaborators: Jana Císařová, Pablo Hernandez Esteban, Yashwin Dev, Francesco Santulli
Philosophy of the project: Derek Cluckie
Historical research: Helena Osorio
Archeolgy: Roger Prieto
Photo credits: Alessandro Pepe
Photographer’s website:

Casa Montebelo By Alessandro Pepe Arquitecto - Sheet1
©Alessandro Pepe

Medieval European constructions that reached our times emphasized enclosure from the public space. Coincidentally, contemporary local architectural tendencies seem to emphasize enclosure.

Casa Montebelo By Alessandro Pepe Arquitecto - Sheet7
©Alessandro Pepe

Therefore, the project is based on the purpose of maintaining this character of the exterior shape — solid appearance closed to the exterior, giving privacy and tranquility from an increasingly overburdened world.

Casa Montebelo By Alessandro Pepe Arquitecto - Sheet4
©Alessandro Pepe

The project of a double bedroom, single family house comprises the creation of a new floor with a generous terrace using much of the original granite complemented by travertine and wood. The use of natural materials with the interplay of shadow and light has created a 21st-century space with respect for the past, and an eye to the future.


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