The site of this intervention is in a northern zone of Rome. They are two apartment at ground level of a building of 1950’s that must be joined to create an only one house. Its dimension will be about 240 square meters with a nice garden. The difficulty of this project was to bring maximum natural light inside the apartment because its main exposition is at North side.

PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS: Vito Corvasce, Giovanni Nicoletti

POZZI By DELISABATINI architetti - Sheet2
©Vito Corvasce, Giovanni Nicoletti

For this reason, the main idea was to increase visual and physical continuity inside.All hallways are permanently abolished. Clients’ requests are visual and architectural connection between internal part of the house and the garden and the creation of an independent little guest house.

POZZI By DELISABATINI architetti - Sheet3
©Vito Corvasce, Giovanni Nicoletti

The architectural composition is organized with three new elements, three figures that identify different functional areas: a large kitchen, a sleeping area and a guest accommodation. Every area is inside a recognizable and sculptural white volume. These three volumes are far from each other and connected by a wide-open space of the living room. These three volumes are as three big geometrical sculptures.

POZZI By DELISABATINI architetti - Sheet5
©Vito Corvasce, Giovanni Nicoletti

They are like buildings in an urban space.These three volumes are delimited by thick walls in which there are all bathrooms, laundry, closets, ancillary rooms and wardrobes.The external walls of the apartment are opened with large windows in steel so that sunlight can freely flow in the inner part of the house.

POZZI By DELISABATINI architetti - Sheet6
©Vito Corvasce, Giovanni Nicoletti

From the internal to the external thanks to these new windows, the garden gets in touch with the living room.In addition to the white walls, the materials are wood for pavement, black marble of the block in the kitchen and glassy black blades of a bookcase in the living room.


The associated architecture firm DELISABATINI architetti was established in 2005 by the architects Francesco Sabatini and Francesco Deli, following the desire of comparing two very different academic backgrounds of its founders.

DELISABATINI architetti expresses its own point of view about the continuous dialogue between the artistic and material approach in architecture.

The firm is engaged in equal measure in both design competitions and professional works. It is convinced that applied architectural research has not its moment of maximum expression by sublimating design activity, but by providing its construction, thus getting free from its author.

The firm deals with design at all scales from the industrial objects designing to urban planning; for doing this it employs professional consulting that ensure adequate and satisfactory answers to any matter faced.

Beside the professional activity DELISABATINI architetti carries out teaching and research job in the Faculty of Architecture of Rome “La Sapienza”.

The firm took part in several national and international architectural competitions winning relevant awards.


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