New Delhi, June 2022: India’s premier design and build company, Essentia Environments an uber-luxurious living room that seamlessly combines a modern, refined aesthetic with comfort, function, and glamour.

Project Name: Luxurious Living Room
Studio Name: Essentia Environments

Luxurious Living Room By Essentia Environments - Sheet2
©Essentia Environments

Classic modernity is the hallmark of this expansive bedroom that is connected to the external world using glass windows. The luxurious interiors are awash in natural light, highlighting the sublime design elements.

Luxurious Living Room By Essentia Environments - Sheet3
©Essentia Environments

The all-white base palette is embellished with subtle accent shades vis-à-vis the furniture pieces, artworks, and accessories. High-quality stones, wood, and veneers are blended to evoke a calming material combination.

©Essentia Environments

Custom-designed and created furniture in-house by Essentia helps in introducing just the right proportions, colors, and contours, and more importantly, uncompromised function. Modern lights accentuate the sleekness of the furniture pieces and add dynamic energy to the space. Large plants and the connection with the outdoors ensure that the luxurious environment feels natural and relaxing.


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