An apartment for a family with a small child in black and grey shades – this design intrigues from the very beginning. Its theme is concrete. Its juxtaposition with light oak – on the floor and in the built-in furniture – makes the apartment cosy despite its austerity.

Studio Name: MML Architekci
Design Team:  Przemysław Nowak, Lech Moczulski, Klaudia Lis, Iza Rogucka
Area: 96 m2
Year: 2018
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Photography Credits: PION STUDIO (

Aleje Rzeczpospolitej By MML Architekci - Sheet2

This is determined by small details used by the designers, such as seats on the windowsills. With the wooden rungs intended to hide the radiators, the designers were able to create an extremely pleasant additional zone for relaxation. It is deep enough, as it was flush with the band of cabinets covering almost the entire wall of the living room. The white of the living room contrasts with the black of the kitchen which begins with an unusual kitchen island. Looking like a large sculpture, the solid hides an induction hob, among other. It has an equally elegant – dark gold hood above it. With this solution, in addition to functionality and unquestionable aesthetic qualities, the dark (in addition kept in black colours), narrow kitchen has access to daylight.

Aleje Rzeczpospolitej By MML Architekci - Sheet7

You will find more functionalities here. Converting function into aesthetic value is, after all, the hallmark of the Mili Młodzi Ludzie studio which is the creator of the design. Investors wanted to have a loft look, so designers “hid” the bathroom behind industrial glazing. When the house residents want more privacy, the glazing can be covered by a dark curtain. With this solution, the windowless bathroom also has access to daylight.

Aleje Rzeczpospolitej By MML Architekci - Sheet9

The spa room is marked with an industrial feel thanks to imitation concrete sinks, black fixtures, and black concrete on the wall and a grey-black screed on the floor. From the bathroom, you can pass directly to the bedroom. This one, like the child’s room, is kept in light colours, with a dominance of oak wood. With the contrasts used, the “journey” through the apartment is an aesthetic experience, and the space, despite its loft character, seems calm and soothing.


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