The project is developed inside a building in the heart of the San Salvario district in Turin. It is a late nineteenth- century building characterized by load-bearing walls, vaults and ceiling coffers, which in the redevelopment project remain the protagonists ofthe newenvironments.

Site | TORINO (IT)
Schedule | 2021
Surface | 350 sqm
Client | Private
Tipology|  Renovation
Project | blaarchitettura
Project Team | Alberto Lessan, Jacopo Bracco, Davide Minervini (Job Capitan), Alp Arda
Thermal Consultant | Zeb Studio

Construction |  Cobuilt Srl.
Nord Clima s.r.l.
Model + owner | Tina Mogavero
Photo credits: ©beppe giardino

My Family My Wonder By BLAARCHITETTURA - Sheet6
©beppe giardino

The concept involves hybridizing each environment through the use of a volume with a specific function and a color for its definition. It was  decided  to  design the living within these spaces as a museum itinerary in which we are not limited  only  to observing the works  of  art  but  also  to  use  them  for  the  function  for  which  they  were  intended.

My Family My Wonder By BLAARCHITETTURA - Sheet7
©beppe giardino

The entrance is presented as a welcoming place where the space is defined by a ceiling vault, a new “Venetian terrazzo” floor made in a contemporary key and an area intended for wardrobe and shoe rack designed to amaze those who enter this environment. The predominant color is brick which is used on the floor, on the cylindrical pouf and on the two furniture volumes (shoe rack and wardrobe). An antiqued mirror background amplifies the spaces and creates a filter between old and new.

My Family My Wonder By BLAARCHITETTURA - Sheet10
©beppe giardino

Immediately near the entrance is the studio, renovated only in the white color of the original paneling and in the use of a cold shade as a decoration for the walls. Also,   from   the   entrance    that    previously    led to  a  long  blind  corridor,  you  can  now   access  both  the   living   room   and   the   dining   room.   The dining room and the adjoining kitchen are characterized by a  large  sage-colored  frame  that  has a spatial function of apparent subdivision of the spaces with the central corridor. As in our other projects, also in this case, to define two different environments, we preferred to the classic wall, the  use of an element that, although totally transparent, manages    to    give    each    space    its    autonomy. From the dining room, you can access the living room through a large opening.  The  environment  was  left as it was found.

My Family My Wonder By BLAARCHITETTURA - Sheet12
©beppe giardino

Parquet floors, fireplace and wooden coffered ceiling. The design  hybridization  involves  the insertion of two  desaturated  yellow  volumes  with the function of bar / sideboard and TV cabinet. The sharp and sharp shapes fit into the environment   in order to rejuvenate the previous space and continuing the “sense-functional” path of the project. A full-height birch door divides the living area from the sleeping area. This subdivision also defines  the late nineteenth-century building by an  extension whose structure is in reinforced concrete. Passing it you find yourself in a long corridor of very light color with a very dark ceiling. The effect is that of being in an in-between, timeless area. The access doors to the children’s  rooms  and  the  bathroom  are  deliberately left in their original state as the concrete pillars are cleaned of plaster and left rough.

My Family My Wonder By BLAARCHITETTURA - Sheet14
©beppe giardino

A long custom-  made wardrobe is divided into several doors, some of which are access to the master bedroom and the spa. The two children’s rooms are conceived as a single space on different heights, connected by  a  portal  that can open or close to make the rooms more autonomous. A large blue volume is a wardrobe  on  one side and a storage room for games on the other, accessible via the netted mezzanine. Below it, in white, there is another volume that also functions as a wardrobe. The study spaces are designed on the one hand as a single “cottage” volume that houses the bed and desk and on the other by a corner volume. Both made of wood heat the surrounding environment. Two long red HEA beams divide the space in height, creating an underlying area for the bed and the upper portion for relaxation and play on the mezzanine net.

My Family My Wonder By BLAARCHITETTURA - Sheet15
©beppe giardino

A volume also red and a bench containing games  on  wheels. The service bathroom is divided into three parts to create a cupboard sink area, a shower area with black frames and transparent glass and a sanitary area. Amaranth and face powder are the colors that define the environment. The master bedroom is designed around  a  pink volume with the walk-in closet on one side and the  headboard  on  the  other.  The  rest  of  the  room is left in its original state with late nineteenth-  century   parquet   floors   and   plaster   drawers. From this room (but also from the corridor) you enter through a fully glazed pivot door to the Spa. Thanks   to a volume mirrored on three sides with the function of petineuse, the environment merges into a series of points of view and perspectives making you immerse those who experience space in a dreamlike reality between reality and imaginary.


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