Nestled behind a mature Jacaranda tree, a minimal lightweight wedge was plugged into the solid bulk of an existing double brick home, funneling both light and optimism back into this once dark and gloomy interior.

Project Name: House Flower
Studio Name: Berresford Architecture
Location: Como, Australia
Photography: Andy MacPherson
Project size: 115 m2
Site size: 556 m2
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 1

House Flower by Berresford Architecture - Sheet1
Living Room+kitchen ©Andy MacPherson

Clad in painted cedar shingles, the modular grain echoes the brickwork texture of the original house.

House Flower by Berresford Architecture - Sheet2
Seating Space ©Andy MacPherson

The wedge incorporates two bands of Frameless glass to the east. A high band captures the tree canopy and ever-changing sky, whilst a low band frames the intimate garden setting.

House Flower by Berresford Architecture - Sheet3
Bathroom ©Andy MacPherson

Internally, the renovated space pivots around the kitchen, the hearth of young family life. A partially reconstructed double brick arch links the original with the new.


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