This apartment is situated in the downtown of Taichung city, where the artistry and ingenuity aren’t sacrificed within small spaces of 78 sqm.​ Unlike most residential projects, the white color scheme holistically extends throughout spaces, instead of arranging visualization on specific walls or fixtures, accentuating agile movement and aesthetic lifestyle.

Project Name: Tinker’s Patches
Studio Name: RIS Interior Design Co. Ltd
Area: 78 sqm
Location: Taichung city, Taiwan
Photography: Hey!cheese

Tinker’s Patches by RIS Interior Design Co., Ltd - Sheet1
Living Room ©Hey!cheese

At the passage from the entrance to main areas, a wavy flow permeates into the depth of the apartment. Amid the seemingly normal white backdrops, a wall-to-ceiling layout, sculptural curvy shapes at joints between walls to columns, beam to ceiling, and fixtures altogether soften stiffness of every corner.

Tinker’s Patches by RIS Interior Design Co., Ltd - Sheet2
Bedroom ©Hey!cheese

Colors are boldly and lively scattered among the place: bright neon, primary colors and pastel tints can be seen from furniture pieces; whereas purplish tints are meticulously misplaced around. The textured wallpaper underneath the niche, not only prevents scratches from placing accessories, but also entices people to admire it with its repetitive Arabic repetitive patterns. Small colorful accents lively pop out from shelves, thresholds, and door frame, creating inviting contrasts with whitish curvy backdrop.

Tinker’s Patches by RIS Interior Design Co., Ltd - Sheet3
Dresssing Room ©Hey!cheese

Moving to the master bedroom, a playful purplish gradation attracts attention. Besides a creative visualization, it contains function of sliding doors, to unfold the continuous colorful scheme of walk-in closet. As there is no neighboring proximity, the interior daylighting is sufficient and provides a full scene of mountainside. While the sheer puts on a variegated graft at wide windows, the sunglow warms up the vibes, setting off a beautiful panorama of sunset; therefore, this place is imbued with serenity.


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