Located in Porto Alegre, this 2 bedroom apartment originally had a floor plan with the kitchen connected to the living room by a dishwasher.

Project Name: Possamai Apartment
Studio Name: Atelier Aberto Arquitetura and Sbardelotto Arquitetura
Project size: 77 m2
Site size: 77 m2
Completion date: 2016
Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Photography: Marcelo Donadussi

©Marcelo Donadussi

The client, a young researcher, was looking for an integrated environment: an informal and inviting living room opened to the kitchen where she could receive her friends, a space for studing and reading as well as an area for books, travelsouveniers and growing plants.

Given the client’s needs, the layout was reconsidered to integrate the apartment as much as possible: the diving walls between the kitchen, the living room and the entrance hall were demolished unifying all the areas in one. The office took the place of one of the bedrooms, now incorporating to the living room.

The intention of creating an open floor plan with a private suite, was not only in the demolition of walls but in the design of the furniture and the choice of colors and textures.

©Marcelo Donadussi

As soon as you enter the apartment, you can see on the left the exposed brick wall painted in white throughout its longitudinal extension, contrasting with the wooden parquet floor. To the right, the yellow and white hydraulic tile wall forms the background for the kitchen furniture in blue, both in pastel colors. The furniture to the right of those who enter the apartment function to the kitchen as well as the entrance hall, with headgear on one side and appliances on the other. The wood dining table, the same height as the kitchen counter, was designed withof wood wheels so that it could easily be transported to other areas of the apartment.

The living room is integrated into the kitchen as a result of the absence of walls along with the wooden floor present in all apartment. The furniture that accommodates the television equipment is long and boosts its horizontality. The coffee table, also designed by the architects, has metallic structure and a matte red top, giving contrast to the sober tones around it.

The office is strategically next to the window, bathing the study table in natural light. This space is physically and visually integrated into the room by a bench and shelf, both made of reinforced concrete molded in place. The shelf for plants and decorative objects also supports the bench. This bench extends from the office, which, with greater depth, allows resting and reading, in addition to another place to receive friends on party days, or even as a guest bed. The office space has a strong point of the project that surprises those who arrive: a metal bookcase with cubes in primary colors in pastel colors, with Mondrian design, filled with books, travel objects, and vegetation.

©Marcelo Donadussi

Creating a corridor to access the rooms made it possible to extend the intimate area. A large cupboard occupies the entire length of this corridor wall: in front of the social bathroom the linen closet and in the bedroom, the wardrobe.

The bathrooms were not forgotten in this project. The tile floor, both in the suite and in the social bathroom, has complementary colors to the colors chosen for the joinery furniture, balancing and harmonizing all together.


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