Our client comes from an Army background having neutral memories of home associated with Army quarters. They had lived in spaces which were ergonomically comfortable but always lacked the spirit of being called a HOME. The single line brief for us was to conceive for them a space which they would cherish life long as their HOME!

Location: Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Project Lead: Anuja Shrivastava and Vishal Shrivastava
Text: One: One Design Studio


This Duplex makes a home to a Nuclear Family where the Parents occupy the Master Bedroom at First floor along with their two daughters having their room on the same floor. The foot print at the Ground floor gets covered by a Formal Living room adjoined with a Guest room and an Open Kitchen and Dining Space.

The second Floor had a huge loft which was transformed into a Study for the Girls keeping due respect to lighting and ventilation. The entire residence envelope has been treated with neutral shade of white which has been complimented with vibrant shades of color in the soft furnishing.  An earthy shade of green renders the main wall of the stairs creating a visual flow across all floors.


The central dining space was conventionally a transition space in between the Kitchen and the formal living room.  To make the space more breathable and livelier, the partition wall in between the Kitchen and the dining was demolished thereby adding more volume to the space. Also the dining is the core of the family where they have their cherish able family hours.  The transition from dining to kitchen is over a breakfast counter.

The house unfolds itself with the Living room which has a soft peach tone and has a complementing mix of contemporary and traditional seating arrangements. The minimalistic tone of the room is contrasted with rich colors in seating.  A subtle attempt has been done to highlight the two walls of the room with different approach.  One wall has defined frames with wall artifacts and the other creates a beautiful backdrop for the entire composition.  The dining space remains connected to the living room through a Jaali composition.


The Kitchen is designed in an open plan system with the dining to make it look visually larger and connect to other spaces. The Moroccan tiles break the single unified tone of the storage units. The kitchen seamlessly extends into a small home mini bar so that the client can host their parties comfortably.

The daughter’s bedroom has primarily a sleeping area and an informal reading space. The sky treatment on the ceiling is a design cliché to represent vastness. In between the two identical storage is a box window seating nicely tucked in where the kids spent their time reading books.


The Master bedroom room has a subtle combination of white, cream and shades of brown. A big wardrobe for her love of sari in diagonal pattern of laminate adorns the main wall. Golden handles  add glamour to the bespoke interiors. The room is a perfect blend of a sincerely chosen color scheme from light to dark.


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