“If a straight line is the shorter path between two points then the curve is what makes the concrete to search for the infinity” – The original statement is in Portuguese and it was said by Oscar Niemeyer. That’s how we begin to talk about the Duplex, in which it had the upper floor completely refurbished to attend all the needs of a young couple that loves to cook and have friends over.

Project name: Duplex Curva
Architecture: Mandarina Arquitetura
Year of project’s conclusion: 2018
Area: 110m² (upper floor)
Location: Moema (neighborhood) – São Paulo – Brasil
Photographs: Nathalie Artaxo
Lead Architects: Alexandra Kayat e Joana Pini
Project Team: Julio Bernardo
Engineering: 1108 Engenharia Inteligente

Duplex Curve by Mandarina Arquitetura - Sheet1
©Nathalie Artaxo

The project is set from a big curved wood panel starting off in the front of the stairs (which it comes from the downstairs) and it goes all the way through the Living room to the Kitchen, therefore integrating all these places.

Apart from free movements and dynamism benefits through its curves, the wood panel also is very functional for having part of the powder room (which is used to be part of the kitchen area), small doors that bring to light a built-in work surface, a TV hole that runs through a guide rail can be totally hidden and finally, upper cabinets in the Kitchen.

Duplex Curve by Mandarina Arquitetura - Sheet2
©Nathalie Artaxo

As well as any renovation, there are always unexpected findings. In this case, after the Living Room´s ceiling plaster’s demo, a concrete slab was found and it was restored, we decided to keep the pipes and lights exposed so it would have a better ceiling height and a modern perspective to the project.

Furthermore, during the demo, three concrete beams were found with different heights cutting through the Living and Dining Rooms. Corten steel was added to them for some purposes:  to level off the beams’ height, to hide the pipes in other to set up the air conditioning system and to embed the TV slider rail that runs throughout the Living and Dining Rooms, bringing more flexibility for the use of the spaces.

Duplex Curve by Mandarina Arquitetura - Sheet3
©Nathalie Artaxo

Another highlight of the project is the spiral stairs which was found with its steps covered with an out-of-date marble and without any handrail. We decided to have it done with wood and cement painting all over the stairs, turning it into a sculptural element. The balcony got a gourmet countertop with a really nice grill and cabinets with brown perforated sheet metal doors.

Duplex Curve by Mandarina Arquitetura - Sheet4
©Nathalie Artaxo

With a palette of neutral colors chosen for the floor, walls, and ceilings, the carved wood panel, and all the woodworking allow warmth and sophistication. Furniture and decorative objects are in charge of the touch of color in this project!


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