The 4BHK Luxurious Apartment is meticulously designed for a young family of four individuals. The vision was to transform the client’s home into a serene canvas, reflecting timeless beauty in soft hues.

Project Name: Meenakshi Apartment
Studio Name: Kunthulabdhi Studios
Area: 3500 sq.ft
Year of Completion: December 2023
Location: Aparna One, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Client: Mr. Rahul Bhargav Linga and Mrs. Meenakshi Linga
Design Team:  Ar. Anoli Shah (Kunthulabdhi Studios)
Carpentry Team: Tikam Suthar
Other Vendors: Furniture World and Crio
Photographer: Anoli Shah

Meenakshi Apartment by Kunthulabdhi Studios-Sheet1
©Anoli Shah

The aim was to infuse the space with a sense of opulence while nurturing interactive and playful surroundings, seamlessly integrating essential built furniture with the house’s aesthetic. Every detail and furniture piece are strategically positioned to enhance its unique space.

Meenakshi Apartment by Kunthulabdhi Studios-Sheet3
©Anoli Shah


Meenakshi Apartment by Kunthulabdhi Studios-Sheet5
©Anoli Shah

In every space, the design encourages interaction while boldly defining different areas through carefully placed, standout furniture, creating a statement and curating the spaces as a Canvas


  1. Meenakshi Apartment by Kunthulabdhi Studios-Sheet8
    ©Anoli Shah

    The Planter Seating Divider: Crafted to make a bold statement upon entering the room, while also serving as a subtle room partition and providing seating that bridges the formal and informal living areas.

  2. Camouflage Storage Unit: Showcases an intriguing groove pattern at the entrance, seamlessly blending with the overall aesthetics while offering substantial storage space.
  3. Balcony Space: Intended to cater to a variety of activities with its adaptable furniture, complemented by a swing and an integrated bar unit for added versatility.
  4. Pooja Space: Redefining traditional mandapa aesthetics through a minimal wooden frame and carefully placed lighting, with a focus on accentuating the idol.


Meenakshi Apartment by Kunthulabdhi Studios-Sheet9
©Anoli Shah

Kids Room: A space where children’s creativity and wonder can blossom and thrive. The versatile bed and study area grows with them, creating a whimsical and functional environment.

Master Bedroom: The master bedroom is a tranquil retreat, harmoniously blending natural materials with serene shades of whites, greens and wood.


Meenakshi Apartment by Kunthulabdhi Studios-Sheet10
©Anoli Shah

Lighting serves as a key element in elevating the ambiance of any space. The design emphasizes the harmonious interplay between natural daylight and thoughtfully selected artificial lighting, enabling the space to transform into a stunning gallery, captivating at any hour of the day


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