An apartment in Minsk 45 square meters for a young man. A client came to our studio with a request for a minimalistic interior in calm warm colors. An important detail for the client was the lack of directional light in the apartment, so we designed niches with lighting around the perimeter of the entire apartment.

Project Name: East 45
Studio Name: Deform Studio
Project location: Minsk, Belarus
Design team: Ruslan Sharipov, Valeriya Sharipova, Eugen Butsko
Interior design: Deforn Studio
Design year: 2022
Completion year: 2023
Status: Completed
Site area: 45 m²
Photography: Andrei Kot

East 45 by Deform Studio-Sheet1
©Andrei Kot

We tried to keep the layout from the developer as much as possible, the only thing was needed to build – a partition between the hallway and the sleeping area. In a small bathroom 4.4 square meters based a spacious shower, washing machine and drying machine.

East 45 by Deform Studio-Sheet3
©Andrei Kot

The warm color scheme is combined with the textures of wood on the facades of furniture and wall panels.

We wanted to create a clean, geometric space.  This can be read in the volumes of the cabinets in the hallway, which flow into the kitchen and living room. The work area in the kitchen is black. The bedroom area is zoned with a “Dorian” sliding partition with horizontal metal slats. The headboard is made of wall panels that extend from the living room space.  The track light passes through the apartment in thin lines.

East 45 by Deform Studio-Sheet5
©Andrei Kot

The client works in IT, and all work takes place in a remote format. That why mandatory point in interior design was to provide a workplace.

The center of the apartment was the sofa from the Belarusian manufacturer “Sofa Club”.

East 45 by Deform Studio-Sheet9
©Andrei Kot

The space turned out to be spacious and minimalistic. The apartment fully reflects our client and his lifestyle.


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