The project brief for the Kohler Showroom centred around a much-needed revamp. An existing showroom, operating on a rather rudimentary model for the past decade, prompted the decision to adapt to changing times. With Kohler introducing new ranges periodically, the aim was to contemporise the entire showroom, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. This involved incorporating ambient lighting and strategically placing specific elements within the space to highlight the showcased products effectively.

Location: Jaipur
Area: 2100 sqft
Month and year of Completion: December 2022

Kohler Showroom by Rhea Bansal Design Studio - Sheet6
©Rhea Bansal Design Studio

In crafting the design concept, the emphasis was on a modern and contemporary aesthetic. The design exuded an air of modern elegance, characterized by clean lines and geometric precision. The deliberate choice of linear elements created a structured layout, steering away from free-flowing forms. The objective was to provide customers with a well-defined movement path upon entering the showroom.

The layout featured distinct areas, including a designated discussion space for customers, complete with comfortable seating. Additionally, provisions were made for showroom staff, with dedicated workstations and a conference table designed for client interactions. The design aimed for a seamless blend of functionality and an open, collaborative environment.

The color palette within the showroom contributed to a soothing and unique ambiance. Despite the tranquil tones inside, the foyer and lobby presented a deliberate contrast, enveloped in a dark blue hue. This choice was rooted in the historical significance of Kohler as the pioneer sanitary brand introducing a diverse range of colors, including blue and peacock green. The intention was to create a luxurious and distinctive atmosphere, setting the showroom apart from conventional displays. The dark ambience served as a strategic branding element, establishing the mood of entering a high-end sanitary showcase rather than a conventional showroom.

Kohler Showroom by Rhea Bansal Design Studio - Sheet9
©Rhea Bansal Design Studio

Upon exiting the lift on the third floor of the building, visitors are greeted by a spacious 10-foot-wide foyer that serves as the initial entry point. Positioned to the left of this area is a set of double doors leading to the expansive showroom space. Upon entering and commencing a clockwise exploration, the left side unfolds into an entire bathing zone, featuring shower cubicles.

Continuing the journey through the showroom, a clockwise turn reveals substantial vanity walls adorned with mirrors, basins, and WCs. These vanity sections are organized into 4-5 modules, each showcasing exclusive displays comprising mirrors, vanities, and WCs. A pantry and bathroom are discretely positioned on the left side of this layout.

Another right turn leads to an extensive wall solely dedicated to displaying various types of WCs, including wall-hung, floor-mounted, and automated options. Adjacent to this wall, 2-3 displays feature exclusive mirrors. Within this zone, a small discussion area, resembling a lounge with three coffee chairs and a table, invites visitors to engage in conversations amid a curated selection of coffee table books and magazines.

To complete the showroom circuit, another right turn reveals a reception area with a compact billing counter. Nearby, a distinct zone seamlessly integrated into the showroom houses 1-2 cabins, designated for accounts and managerial purposes. Notably, a spacious conference table equipped with a projector and AV equipment enhances the functionality of this area, ensuring a cohesive and well-designed showroom experience.

©Rhea Bansal Design Studio

The chosen material palette for the project primarily consisted of various laminates, and deco sheets, alongside an extensive use of metal, specifically PVD-coated stainless steel. Complementing these elements was the incorporation of branding throughout the space.

In terms of lighting, the design incorporated a strategic use of track lights and spotlights. The high-focus track lights were particularly employed to accentuate specific zones within the space. As for the color scheme, a consistent warm white tone was meticulously maintained, contributing to an overall cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

The entire project, from design inception to installation, unfolded within the span of a month. This swift and well-coordinated effort allowed for the timely completion of the showroom, preventing any adverse impacts on the market and ensuring a successful project delivery.


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