Located in Olympic North, Beijing, Zhongmeishan has opened its first upgraded brand store to cater to the high-end customer group in the area. FUNUN LAB, an interior design brand well-versed in the Beijing catering space, was invited to design the first branch, considering the users’ preferences and conducting in-depth research.

Project name: Zhongmeishan self-service BBQ PLUS
Location: Beijing Linao CITY PARK Shopping Center
Staring time: 2022.1
Completion time: 2022.9
Design company: FUNUN LAB(www.fununlab.com)
Chief designer: Fan Jie
Design team: Liu Zhaoping ,Liu Najun
Project area: 1039㎡
Photographer: Song Yuming

Zhongmeishan self-service BBQ PLUS by FUNUN LAB - Sheet4
©Song Yuming

The regular square space was transformed using clever block incorporation to add more details and enhance the interplay of light and shadow. The highlight of the design is a white staircase that resembles a continuous mountain range, providing visual focus and softening the linear construction while reflecting the brand’s concept.

Interactivity was a key aspect of the project, with an interactive area on the first floor reconstructing the relationship between the space and diners. The use of light and shadow created varying atmospheres for different functional areas, achieving a balance between space utilization and dining experience.

Zhongmeishan self-service BBQ PLUS by FUNUN LAB - Sheet5
©Song Yuming

The second floor features a more private and intimate atmosphere, ideal for conversations over drinks or small gatherings. Private rooms offer versatility, making the restaurant suitable for banquets and team-building activities.

FUNUN LAB creatively integrated aesthetics and commercial logic, infusing the space with strength and roughness while maintaining an exquisite feeling. The design enhances the modern inspiration of cuisine and environment, making the grand space lively, interesting, and fully functional. This upgrade naturally enhances the brand’s vision and category.

©Song Yuming

The design’s combination of cuisine, environment, freedom, and high-end elements highlights the synergy between aesthetics and commercial success. FUNUN LAB continues to innovate commercial space design to maximize its potential functions.


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