In the modern era, dining spaces have evolved beyond just places for food consumption. They now encompass various social, business, and internet-famous functions. LDH DESIGN draws inspiration from the Manmanhai brand concept to infuse art aesthetics into commercial spaces, creating a dining environment with an oriental mood. The spatial order serves as a vital connection between people and food.

Location: No.111, 1st floor, inside 101, Building 1, No.83 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (1st floor, North Gate of Marriott Hotel)
Project area: 700㎡
Design date: July 2021
Completion date: December 2021
Design Firm: LDH Architectural Design Firm(
Lead designers: Liu Daohua, Wang Kexin, Qu Tianyou, He Peng, Wang Yanjuan, Ren Yijiong, Wang Xinbao, Du Ling
Space photographer: Zheng Yan

M'Masterhall Fortunepot by LDH Architectural Design Firm - Sheet5
©Zheng Yan

Embracing the oriental space aesthetics, the design integrates artifacts, nature, and traditional culture. While dark tones dominate the overall space, it remains far from dull due to innovative spatial arrangements and relationships. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to illuminate the interior, and strategic use of straight lines adds depth and texture to the environment.

Various elements enrich the space, including concave and angular dull black iron walls and wall decorations combining carving and lighting, such as the ancient dragon totem, reflecting traditional Chinese human-nature harmony.

M'Masterhall Fortunepot by LDH Architectural Design Firm - Sheet7
©Zheng Yan

Playing with light and shadow, the design team utilizes techniques involving point, line, and surface to create different shades and highlights, achieving a dining atmosphere that is both vibrant and subtly detailed.

Chinese aesthetics wouldn’t be complete without the classical oriental red. This touch of red charm appears in goblets, vases, abstract paintings, and accessories, complementing the cold and warm colors, and adding vitality to the space.

Nature’s presence is brought indoors through various forms of plant scenery, even amid the dominance of dull black textures. The private room, equipped with a tea tasting area, offers a serene and elegant space for leisurely conversations after satisfying meals.

M'Masterhall Fortunepot by LDH Architectural Design Firm - Sheet9
©Zheng Yan

LDH DESIGN skillfully expresses classical oriental aesthetics in the commercial restaurant, unifying the space from the physical to the spiritual level. By adhering to the concept of “making valuable design,” the designers let Manmanhai reflect its brand values through the space, constructing a Chinese atmosphere through light, color, shape, and air. This approach injects artistic emotions into commercial spaces and explores the fusion of aesthetic living and public settings.


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