The community is situated across an expansive 30 acres and offers an ample amount of open green spaces that provide optimal ventilation and natural light to its residents. What is noteworthy about this community is that, despite occupying only 23% of the land, it features a beautifully landscaped environment that enhances the overall living experience.

Location-Hyderabad, India
Site area-30 Acres
Built up area-6.7 million sft
Height of the building-96 Metres
No of Floors-3 Basement+1 Stilt+32 Floors

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The project was developed with the present needs of its residents in mind, while keeping in mind their future aspirations to connect with nature and adapt to changing lifestyles.

Aparna Zenon is not just a residential project; it is a symbol of the future of sustainable living. This project integrates eco-friendly concepts with built and open spaces seamlessly to maximize its sustainability value. With an area of 6.7 million square feet, Aparna Zenon offers a range of amenities such as EV charging points, a reflexology zone, an aqua gym, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, swimming pools, a spa, and gardens. It is a perfect example of how modern living can be designed in a way that is in harmony with nature.

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The green spaces in Aparna Zenon are not just for aesthetic purposes, but they also have practical benefits. The ample open green spaces ensure that residents have access to fresh air and natural light. The project also boasts of an oasis of landscaped environs that provide a soothing and calming atmosphere that allows residents to unwind after a long day.

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The project was conceptualized to cater to the current needs of its residents while anticipating their future aspirations to connect with nature. With climate change and environmental degradation becoming increasingly pressing issues, sustainable living is the need of the hour. Aparna Zenon sets an example of how modern living can be sustainable and in harmony with nature. The project’s eco-friendly concepts, fine integration of built and open spaces, and range of amenities make it an ideal place for those who want to live in a sustainable and modern way.


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