The key significance of this project is not the space design itself, but the transformation of the original space atmosphere and overall appearance by combining different elements in the space. The interesting dialogue among the elements and the subtle chemical reactions generated by this mixed state affect both the user and the environment around the site. Continuous attempts to build this chaotic relationship and explore its boundaries are the biggest propositions in this design.

Status: Done
Year: 2022
Project Type: Real Estate
Design company: say architects
Partner-in-charge: Zhang Yan, Shan Jianan
Team: Wang Ruinan (project supervisor), Chen Wenxian, Sun Xiaowei, Wu Yihan, Zhu Yuhui, Hang Sheng
Team A: Fang Haifeng, Yan Chunzhen, Zhang Bijun, Fan Xiaocheng
Space photography: Shaped in space photography
Construction team: Shanghai Yinlong Construction Greening Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Nuoyin Furniture Co., Ltd.
Soft decoration brands: Zanotta, Mattiazzi, MARIO TSAI, snow peak, Gogogo
Soft decoration suppliers: SPACE101, OFF SPACE
Customization of Furniture: Zhejiang Nuoyin Furniture Co., Ltd.
Landscape design: Antao Design, PLANTPOW
Plan design: ZESION
Special gratitude: Ray Pub, AVENTOR, OSCILL

Vanke Light-Hub by SAY architects - Sheet5
©SAY architects

Explore Real Estate Industry 3.0

The trend of the Internet, real estate and consumer brands being younger has led Vanke to attach great importance to young products and start thinking about the issue of “a younger design”.

Vanke’s New Light Year 2.0 series focuses on young and dynamic customers under 35 years old, hoping to make a breakthrough in the creation of the product itself to the community environment and try to explore a “younger” product model. Exploration with a certain experimental nature is a challenge for both Vanke and Say.

Vanke Light-Hub by SAY architects - Sheet8
©SAY architects

site analysis

The sales office is located in Xiaoteng Street, inside the light city of Tianhui Future, Yuhang District, as a major commercial plate in Yuhang District, with a diverse service radius within 3 km, and a rich cultural tourism industry in the northwest; the sales office is located in the central contemporary urban life circle, with perfect life supporting service facilities such as education, medical treatment and transportation, with both convenience and culture in the city.

Sales Office 1.0: The decoration takes heavy decoration as the benchmark, and its degree represents the strength of the real estate and also meets consumers’ expectations of quality life;

Sales Office 2.0: Modern and simple decoration style, space still around the sand table as the core, strong commercial nature, lack of space to give people a sense of interaction;

Sales Office 3.0: Functions are more complex. In addition to the necessary sand table, the sales office starts to combine functions such as culture and art, parent-son activities, sports and leisure, joint office, etc. The sales office is called the marketing display center, which emphasizes the sense of experience and de-realization.

Explore the model and language of a new type of sales office in the context of light-year 3.0.

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Vanke Light-Hub by SAY architects - Sheet9
©SAY architects

Compound Life Experience Field

Nowadays, contemporary people are increasingly focusing on the quality of life and pursuing a healthier and refined concept of slow life with the improvement of material consumption. The word life is gradually magnified, which means that consumers are concerned about the sense of experience brought by the scene. For this purpose, say constructs a new life consumption scene from the needs of contemporary people, uses life to disintegrate the strict barriers, disintegrate the palace, disintegrate the high-end, integrate the life scene with the brand, establish the connection between the brand and consumers, and meet the needs of spiritual culture, consumption, aesthetics, etc., so that the brand has a memory point and increases the degree of communication and topic.

Daily: Life Concentration

In a high-intensity living environment, people are increasingly yearning for a life state with a sense of looseness. They cure consumers through a daily and relaxed and friendly life style, transplant the leisure scenes of daily life here. They dispel stereotypes and barriers to sales offices, resonate with them, build new consumption scenarios in a closer to life, and really become part of daily life and community.

Intention: Create a community

Modern people’s way of life has gradually shifted to the outdoors, and outdoor activities such as camping, cycling and hiking have become daily leisure. Now, the youngsters have become the main force of the emerging consumer market, meeting the interests of young people to gather with the youngsters, gaining the recognition of the niche circle, and siphoning and radiating other circle through their influence and sharing desire.

Nature: the spread of green

Freedom is restricted in the post-epidemic era, and the prevalence of outdoor activities also reflects people’s desire for nature, spreading from outdoors to indoor green landscapes to embellish the space, and using the atmosphere of natural green plants to set off scenes are all closer to the demands of contemporary people.

Scenarios to stimulate public curiosity

Variation: boundaries processing along the street

Design Thought

It is realized by three intervening processing methods based on the design concept of the life compound experience field: processing the interface along the street, adjusting the functional structure and the serial space of topics.

Analysis of processing along the street

The original interface along the street is neat and sophisticated, full of order, and the boundaries between interior and exterior are clear. Based on this, the Life Compound Experience Field brings people a feeling of being more relaxed, friendly and easy to enter. We take one of the three spans of the space along the street as the main entrance, and the door retreats inward to form a concave gray space, creating a cushion and transition before entering the room.

The outdoor skateboard activity area, the external garden area and the bicycle parking area extend outward as the interface between the left and right spans of the door. Combined with the open upper hanging window and the encircled green flower boxes, it creates a dynamic and “stage feel” outdoor sports area and a comfortable and pleasant external seated area. The boundaries between the interior and the outside are blurred, which also reinforces the drop and sense of absorption at the entrance, and the whole interface along the street becomes richer and more moving.

Remix: function composition restructuring

Space function

The space emphasizes the scene embedding of life, so the space model with the sand table as the core of the traditional sales office needs to be remodeled. Focusing on the daily drinking of modern young people, the coffee brew bar replaced the sales office as the first space definition, and different operating models in different time segments enable access here.

Space Function Layout

The functional composition and proportion are adjusted accordingly, the sand table is no longer the core of the space, and the coffee table becomes the visual center of gravity and the core of the space. Combined with the introduction of theme spaces such as cycling station, surrounding sales, and vinyl record experience, the functional structure has become more diverse, and space use methods such as joint office, disco dancing, community public welfare activities, and “good interest” community cluster gathering have been exhibited.

Clue: Serial Space of Cycling

“After all, bicycles can lead people to a small area outside the yard, where no one looks for health codes, no one looks at the nucleic acid negative certificate, and barely has a little autonomy and freedom.”


The theme of cycling friendship is defined as the clues of space, which organizes each functional block in series from the perspective of the cycling station and serves as the design origin of prop soft decoration, material selection and detailed structure to express the friendly, open and inclusive space attitude. Meanwhile, elements such as skateboarding, camping, surfing and outdoors that are horizontally compatible and expanded appear in the space as well.

space circulation

People can enter the room with bicycles, so people and cars do not need to be separated, so a bicycle path without indoor and outdoor height difference is introduced into the space combined with human body scale, as a path connecting various indoor and outdoor functions areas in series. A cycling path is the skeleton of the entire space, which is extracted and projected in other elements in space as a graphic.

The cabinet, designed by words, is used to accommodate the content of the product display in the maintenance area, the drug area and the surroundings, and the designer tries to integrate the wheel elements of the bike with the box of the cabinet, which implements the flexible and convenient characteristics throughout the space.

Nor is cycling the only theme in the space, but also elements of skateboarding, outdoors, and camping exist in the product sales area and outdoor activity area, with a certain horizontal compatibility of the theme.

Decoration : match the spatial behavior


The soft decoration in the room matches the behavior style and atmosphere of the space, and the furniture in the external design area is equipped with camping equipment, which is combined with the gravel ground and green plants to simulate the experience of the camping space that is close to nature. The open upper hanging window can feel the spread and penetration of the green intention indoors;

The furniture in the bar area is divided into two parts: finished products and customizations. The finished furniture selects the sitting or not of zanotta and the seat of MATIAZZI. The seat of a bicycle seat and the style of light and enjoyable match the space. The custom bar chair achieves height up and down by using the fast dismantling sleeves commonly used in bicycles. Ordinary tables and chairs extract the graphic elements in the bicycle frame, combined with multi-layer plywood and universal wheels, to create a young and functional outdoor sports style.

The black walnut’s desktop is paired with the colorful chair of MATIAZZI, which is rich in a certain business office style without losing the sense of design and youthful vitality. Greening plays a role in softening each space with embellishment.

Innovation is an expectation of the future

  1. For the innovation and upgrading of Real Estate 3.0, Vanke, in line with the consumption trend, has introduced multiple forms such as a more specific sense of experience and social interaction, gradually shifted to the life scene and opened a new interface for real estate development after the epidemic.
  2. Activate the new vitality of the block and inject more diverse, younger and pioneering forms of business, giving the block maverick commercial value, so that the night economy can revitalize the block motivation.
  3. A new community space is provided for the surrounding residents and a workplace that integrates leisure, entertainment and social interaction, and builds a youth-friendly, neighbor-friendly, and scene-friendly relationship.

Think in the light of the current situation and thinking from multiple dimensions, the entry of multiple compound forms is undoubtedly a challenge to real estate, Nevertheless, the road of breakthrough and transformation, to strengthen the connotation and innovation of products, to cater to the market to rapidly improve quality, and to create a new sales space that is young, featured and alive, are all to promote the sustainable development of the industry.


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