A restyling project of the facade and new entrance of a company office building located between Vicenza and Treviso. The main facade of the building required a restyling to communicate a contemporary image while maintaining its identity. At the same time, the project gives a hierarchy to external spaces.

designers: Arch. Paolo Didonè Arch. Devvy Comacchio
Photo: Alberto Sinigaglia
client: IMARC
location: Rosà VI Italy

Restyling IM' by Didone Comacchio Architects - Sheet6
©Alberto Sinigaglia

The new entrance, characterised by aflooring in continuity with the internal hall, is defined by two concrete seats and a brick partition that separates the area reserved for car parking.

Restyling IM' by Didone Comacchio Architects - Sheet7
©Alberto Sinigaglia

The brick wall relates to the surrounding existence by size and material but is projected orthogonally for the facade, giving a clear direction, quinding the visitor to the entrance.

Restyling IM' by Didone Comacchio Architects - Sheet10
©Alberto Sinigaglia

A hidden LED lighitng system has benn designed to guarantee visibility after dark to safeguard the pedestrians from the maneuvers of heavy vehicles.


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