The unique Diamond shape office building is located on the main commercial route of Ashdod city viewing the largest port of Israel.

Studio Name: Zahavi D.O Architects Ltd.
Design Team: Daniel Ohana, Eliaou Zahavi,Sapir Shahar
Location: Ashdod, Israel
Consultants: Livni engineers Ltd.
Visualization: Ando studio

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©ZAHAVI D.O Architects ltd

These two urban facts, led to the decision of basing the building which is used for a car agency headquarters in this location.

The building is constructed of two parking basements, large showroom at the ground floor and two stories of company offices and a wide open roof with a panoramic view which is used for a trendy restaurant and bar.

HaOrgim 29 By ZAHAVI D.O Architects ltd - Sheet3
©ZAHAVI D.O Architects ltd

Façade materials are composed from an exposed concrete and glass wall at the ground floor while at the upper surface materials are curtain wall based on steel construction.

The materiality of the façade lends majesty to the building through a unitary volumetric composition, which manifests itself on both the outside and the inside. The building envelope represents the character of the building.

Studio profile

ZAHAVI D.O Ltd. Studio is an Architectural and design firm based in Israel, led by Eliaou Zahavi and Daniel Ohana.

The firm’s extensive design capabilities encompass projects on the urban scale specializing in campuses, public facilities, urban renewal, as well as residential and private homes.


ZAHAVI D.O Ltd  is an architectural studio that seeks to meld the known desires of cultural tradition with the infinite possibilities of tomorrow. In the face of globalization where individuals and cities are urged to express true identity, we prize cross-disciplinary experimentation transforming that very risk into the solution.

We seek to create a distinct architectural language, combining traditional values with modern practice merging architecture with art and sculpture. For us, success of a project lies within the involvement of all parties, the parties, the public and end-user, client, developer, and local community authorities.


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