The client of the project is SUNSTAR SA, a Japanese Company with an Headquarters in Etoy, Switzerland; the company is worldwide well known for the health care products and for the strong reputation of the Company for the care of the people.

Project Name: Sunstar Global Headquarter
Location: Etoy, Switzerland
Architects: Alhadeff Architects, SDARCH Trivelli&Associati
Year :  2015
Photographs :Stefano Canziani (Alhadeff Architects), SDARCH

  • Acoustic Specialist : Architecture & Acoustique SA
  • Structural Engineer : Redesco, Thomas Jundt Ingénieurs Civils
  • Energetic Consultant : Transsolar Energietechnik GmbH
  • Associate Architect & Landscape /Architecture : SDARCH Trivelli & Associati
  • Local Architect : Thierry Brütsch architecte, Etoy (CH)
  • General Contractor : Alfred Muller Sa (CH)
  • Mechanical, Electrical And Plumbing Engineer : Flux Studio Sa, Weinmann-Energies SA, MAB-Ingénierie SA(CH)
  • Site Survey : Rossier Gèometre (CH)
  • Facade Specialist : Bcs Sa (CH)
  • Beton Facade: Beton Element Werk, Istinghoven (CH)
  • Geologist : De Cérenville Géotechnique (CH)
Sunstar Global Headquarter By SDARCH Trivelli&Associati - Sheet5
©Stefano Canziani (Alhadeff Architects), SDARCH

Sunstar commissioned a new Headquarters beside another office building they owned, till that moment their headquarters in Switzerland.

One of main aspect of the core business of the client, precision and healthy life style,  mesh the country’s healthy life style with these principles.

Sunstar Global Headquarter By SDARCH Trivelli&Associati - Sheet7
©Stefano Canziani (Alhadeff Architects), SDARCH

The design of the three story office building with a great covered and sky-lit courtyard demonstrates that is possible to matched the high profile of company and the super performance of the built environment of the workspaces.

The design concept of the façade has some inspiration  from the works of Peter Struycken, that led to a façade with a continuous rhythm of opaque and transparent parts given a smooth natural light inside and generated different variations of the elevations in each side and each orientation.

The central courtyard is a space for collective use and meeting or small conference and the offices are open trough balconies to this common space. The ground floor hosts the general services and a small show room, the gym or Kenko Dojo, the Ofuro the traditional bathroom, the Hoseido a tradition Japanese thé room and the salle the Diner with the kitchen with natural products.

Sunstar Global Headquarter By SDARCH Trivelli&Associati - Sheet9
©Stefano Canziani (Alhadeff Architects), SDARCH

The technology of the building is an hybrid mechanical and natural system with active slab and natural ventilation; Wood finishes, open glass walls and green tatami-like carpeting join Japanese serenity with an Italian architectural sensibility.  The bio climatic approach is based on a hybrid system, with mechanical and natural ventilation and active slabs, with many internal and external acoustic dampers to keep the quality of environment very high for indoor air quality and acoustic levels.

The building design is strongly referred to the highest level of building sustainability targets in terms of natural light, energy consumption, carbon footprint and internal comfort.

The construction technology of the façade is a layering of precast wooden panels, high insulation and ventilated Grc slabs. A high level product finds its corporate home in a design that accords good health to its corporate culture as well as its ultimate customer.


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