Eunpyeong Residential Welfare Center is a region-based public center for providing information and services of housing welfare. Specifically,  Eunpyeong Residential Welfare Center provides data, consultation and research related to housing-welfare, serving as a main agent to support public rental housing and renovation for socially disadvantaged group, the aged, the disabled or newlyweds.

Project Name : SH Eunpyeong Residential Welfare Center
-Studio Name : CoRe Architects
-Design Team : U Zongxoo, Kim Vin, Jo Aran, An Chiwan, Lee Dongmin
-Location : 15-34, Jingwan 2-ro, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
-Site Area : 1,057.50m²
-Building Area : 622.70m²
-Gross floor Area : 3,304.32m²
-Building scope : B2, 5F
-Building to land ratio : 58.88%
-Floor area ratio : 199.91%
-Structure : Reinforced concrete structure

Design period : 2017 – 2019
Construction period : 2019 – 2021

-Other Credit
Construction : Dazim Construction & Engineering Corporation.
Structural engineer : Teo Structure Corporation
Mechanical engineer : Cheonglim Mechanical Construction Corporation.
Electrical engineer : Geugdong Engineering Corporation.
Client : SH Seoul housing & Communities Corporation.
Photography Credits : Rohspace

SH eunpyeong center By CoRe architects Co., Ltd - Sheet6

The site had not been developed for a while even though it is located eastward by Bukhansan Mountain and the entrance #1 of Gupabal station. As a matter of fact this area is conveniently situated because it gets easily accessed to Eunpyeong Newtown and the Gupabal square which is the popular place to meet by many citizen.

In this case, what was on our mind during the whole process of design was the complexity of the area. The building site was next to Gupabal transfer parking and even there were massive commercial complex across the street. In addition, Gupabal Square and Bukhansan Mountain should be considered as a balanced view of the whole area.

SH eunpyeong center By CoRe architects Co., Ltd - Sheet4

First of all, we introduced segmented design in each purpose for the building to decrease the massive volume of the transfer parking and to utilize both inside and outside of the building. Working space has been located close to traffic road and the townscape. On the other hand, facilities and resting spots have been placed near by east side where the mountain and the nature view are situated. It was designed to harmonize with the surrounding environment.

Moreover, brick, one of the familiar materials, was used for giving outstanding design effects to counteract to the massive neighbor buildings. The brick materials give citizens familiarity as well as harmoniousness with nature.

SH eunpyeong center By CoRe architects Co., Ltd - Sheet12

The segmentation consists of four volumes and the empty spaces between them. In the westside, terrace and plants are set for controlling the quantity of solar radiation. In the eastside, another terrace is located to make resting places.

In the south, open and outside space are arranged to see the Gupabal Square. At the main entrance, a folded door is installed to encourage visitors to get easily access to this building. The building is composed of 5 floors. The ground and first floor is open to the public (which means commercial area). The second and third floor are used for Eunpyeong Residential Welfare Center. Lastly, the fifth floor has book-cafe and auditorium.

CoRe Architects. PROFILE

‘CoRe Architects’ was established in Seoul, 2014 by U Zongxoo and Kim Vin.

We are interested in spacial building methods, programs, experimentation with materials, and finding new types that interact with changing social structures. Through this project, we also are participating in projects in wide range of scale in various fields including architecture, urban, interior, infrastructure facilities of organizing city.

We have won the Kim Suguen Architecture Award Preview Award, Seoul Architecture Award Grand prize, Korean Architecture Culture Award, Public Architecture Award. We were also selected as finalists for 4 teams of the outdoor-exhibition project of 2020 National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art(MMCA), and were awarded the Seoul Architecture Award 2021 Grand prize for Seoul Seojin School.


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