Posh is a spa and hair salon in New York, offering beauty treatments through a positive and lush retail experience.

PROJECT NAME: Posh Spa and Hair Salon
DESIGN TEAM : Antonio Di Oronzo, Masashi Kobayashi
AREA : 1,800 SF
YEAR : 2014

Posh Hair Salon ny By Bluarc Design - Sheet1
©Oleg March

The design intent of the project was to create a feminine, fluid environment through a dynamic formal system. Like a woman’s hair shifts in soft, brief moves, the surfaces in this space dance in organic turns, float above and around. A detailed narrative of light and shadows unfolds and surrounds the guests in always new scenarios. The main design system is indeed comprised of surfaces which spawn from the walls and fold in filleted moves. They sometimes run offset from the walls, while, at times, they descend in a turn and sectionally delineate a special function.

Posh Hair Salon ny By Bluarc Design - Sheet4
©Oleg March

The materials, the color scheme and the lighting were elected to be a chromatic background for hairstyling. Specifically, the color temperature of lighting is designed to accommodate a clear understanding of dyes [with above 3000K], and to enhance skin tones and complexion [temperature below 3000K]. Direct lighting offering the proper levels of illumination for the stylist, is complemented with ambient lighting, which reveals a layered, sinuous space.

Posh Hair Salon ny By Bluarc Design - Sheet7
©Oleg March

We design spaces with the ultimate aim of accommodating the happiness of its occupants, instilling a positive outlook, sheltering human passion and needs.


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