Untamed is the result of a collaborative process between a sculptor, writer and an architect. Dylan Lewis the sculptor, and originator of the project, had a strong intuitive idea about the subject Ian McCallum, the writer, discusses in his book, ‘Ecological Intelligence’.

Project Name: Untamed Pavilion
Studio Name: Daffonchio and Associates Architects
Completion Date: 2016
Building Levels: 1
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Photography: Henrique Wilding and Elsa Young

©Henrique Wilding and Elsa Young

Dylan then researched architects who are environmentally conscious and who have collaborated with artists before and approached Enrico Daffonchio. The conceptual and briefing stages were held as workshops where the central theme of the internal psychological conflict between our rational mind and our repressed wildness was explored.

©Henrique Wilding and Elsa Young

With regards to the completion date of Untamed Pavilion, it continued evolving when from its initial birthplace at Kirstenbosch Botanical gardens in 2010 it was relocated to the Dylan Lewis Sculpture Gardens in Stellenbosch in 2015.

©Henrique Wilding and Elsa Young

Here a brickwork extension was added behind the pavilion incorporating store rooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, and a planted roof. The increase in floorspace (almost triple its original size) allowed for a bigger exhibition space, and so the Pavilion was reopened in 2016.


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