Today technology is the god. Technology is the backbone of our generation. It is a boon to our lifestyles. Technology has transformed our lifestyle from luxury to necessity. Today’s generation thrives on technology. Pick any sector, technology is the ultimate ruler. Today we, humans, are designing comfort for ourselves through the medium of technology, it’s not far away when technology will ultimately be the only necessity our lives will be completely dependent on. The sole purpose of technology is to reduce human efforts. Tech products are nothing but technological products or material products that are designed by humans, for themselves and their surroundings with the help of technology. From our existence to our functioning and thriving, everything is designed concerning tech products.

Pandemic Friendly | Tech Products

Tech products and their importance have been valued now more than ever. Ever since the pandemic in 2019 outburst, our lives have been shaken completely. In times of uncertainty, technology felt like the biggest advantage in our lives. We felt connected even when we were disconnected. Tech products made the functioning of the day-to-day activities seem possible. The pandemic made us unlearn many things to learn the importance of technology. The use of tech products in 2020 became more of a necessity than a luxury, hence 2021 demanded innovatively and efficiently designed tech products to bring a balance to our lives. (Anant Maheshwari, 2021, June)

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The 10 tech products of 2021

Tech products are a combination of creativity, innovation, and functionality. Today there are infinite tech products designed specifically concerning their use and requirement. As an architect and a designer, technology and tech products like online software, digital method of taking measurements, recycling and reusing techniques, BIM, 3D printing materials, 3D modeling, etc have not only reduced human efforts but has evolved the method of working. It has brought an optimum change in the working of systems and that has resulted in better, positive, new, and innovative structures and designs.

1. Livox 

Livox may be a digital platform that permits nonverbal people with disabilities to speak and learn better. It is a tech product designed and mainly used in parts of Argentina, Brazil, Djibouti, Egypt, Jordan, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. It mainly targets people with verbal and learning disabilities and provides a better efficient solution for them. It is one of the awarded tech products of the health sector. In 2021 more than 25,000 people worldwide were using and improving their health with the help of this product. Livox has three main components – The Livox app, the Livox store, and Mylivox portal which is a web tool with critical information for the decision-makers to know which area needs more efficiency. The tech product was designed for a specific group of the community (1 billion) as a social impact on the society, to benefit them with equal opportunities. (SIEMENS, 2021, May)

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2. Aidfi Ram Pump 

A tech product of the health and sanitation sector, AIDFI Ramp pump is a technology that provides water to remote, hilly villages that would otherwise not experience running water. The product utilizes the energy contained in moving water which is the hydropower to lift a portion of this water to the high elevations 24/7. Currently, the highest elevation reached in an actual setting is approx. 240 meters. The aim is to provide fresh running water to even the highest possible locations so that health and sanitation are maintained even in remote areas and humans can reside with necessities. The Ram pump benefits the farmers and upland villagers. AIDFI is soon getting to expand into India and Bhutan within the coming years. (SIEMENS, 2021, May)

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3. Barsha Pump | Tech Products

Another tech product that benefits the farmers and their community sustainably is the Barsha pump. The Barsha pump is a hydropower pump that uses the energy through the moving water and sends it towards the land. It is a water wheel propelled to pump that utilizes the energy from the flow of rivers and canals to pump water without requiring any fuel or electricity to be operated. It helps smallholder farmers to irrigate their crops more sustainably. One Barsha Pump can irrigate up to 2 hectares of land, and process up to 40,000 liters per day. Every Barsha pump that replaces a fuel pump saves over 1 ton of CO2 annually. By the year 2021, there were around 300 pumps designed across 20 countries. (SIEMENS, 2021, May)

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4. Dessert Greenhouse 

Dessert greenhouse is one of the best tech products in the food industry. This product turns wasted sandy land into arable land making it fit grow 30 different sorts of fruits and vegetables. This is being practiced in China and has been a successful solution in providing vegetables and fruits to people living in desert areas. The number of wasted dessert lands is increasing hence this is a module for an effective solution. Xinjiang Shawan Oasis Sustainable Development Institute, in 2021, plans to scale up its desert greenhouse solution in more developing desert countries. (SIEMENS, 2021, May)

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5. Apne Boot 

Apne Boot is a wearable device to alert for Bradycardia and hypoxia in newborns. It is one of the tech products designed in the healthcare industry for newborns in India. Apneboot features a built-in pulse oximeter with an alarm and auto-stimulation mechanism that matches on the newborn foot. The device monitors for drops in oxygen saturation and heart rate through built-in algorithms. Apnea of Prematurity (AOP), a cessation of breathing may be a serious risk factor for premature newborns. If unresolved immediately, AOP can cause severe injury and death. 3.3 million premature newborns in India and 15 million globally are in danger of apneas per annum . Apnea requires rapid intervention but is compromised in low-resource settings, due to a lack of vital sign monitors and skilled staff to respond to apneas (55% of Indian SNCUs have inadequate nursing staff). As a result, newborns in these facilities suffer from injury or death thanks to apnea and associated hypoxia. This tech device is specifically designed to address this concern. (SIEMENS, 2021, May)

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6. Safecity App | Tech Products

Safecity is an app that aims to form cities safer by encouraging equal access to public spaces for everybody , especially women, through the utilization of crowdsourced data and technology. it is a public sector tech product designed and used in India, Kenya, and Nepal.

According to the UN, 1 in every 3 women face some sexual harassment at least once in their lifetime, this app is designed to provide a safer environment. As of 2021, the organization has collected over 18,500 reports from all over India, Kenya, Nepal, and other countries. (SIEMENS, 2021, May)

Safecity App_©
Safecity App_©

7. Taka – Taka solutions 

A waste management tech product designed to not only serve the problem of recycling and sustainability but also design opportunities for jobs. Takataka means “waste” in Kiswahili. The solution was founded in 2011, but in 2021, the solution has grown to become one of the largest waste management companies in Kenya. The organization today serves more than 20,000 households and handles 70 tons of waste per day. The tech product company is currently active in 5 aspects of waste management – waste collection, waste sorting, composting, plastic recycling, and buying waste materials from waste pickers. The rate of recycling is over 90%, which is one of the highest in the world. (SIEMENS, 2021, May)

Taka Taka Solutions_©
Taka Taka Solutions_©

8. Teletherapy – Talkspace 

Teletherapy is a digital platform designed to benefit the public sector, especially in a post covid scenario. During and after the pandemic, people were greatly impacted by their physical as well as mental health. Therapy became a necessity for most. But with social distancing and lockdown restrictions, it became difficult to continue the conventional method of therapy. Hence many such online apps and platforms were designed to continue the experience of traditional therapy remotely with the tech products. funding started rising in 2021. Talkspace is an app that matches people with their therapist based on specific needs and goals. This tech product was designed and upgraded to serve the current situation worldwide. (Report, 2021, December)

Talkspace Teletherapy_©
Talkspace Teletherapy_©

9. Digital sketchbook 

The covid pandemic though us the importance of technology and how many dependencies we humans have on tech products. A digital sketchbook is one of such tech products that makes learning, sketching, and designing easier and efficient. It is used by all the design fields – architecture, engineering, graphic, fashion, product, industrial, interior, and all such designs where sketching is a crucial part of the design process. The users are not limited to students, but professionals use it too now. It gives efficient, better, and flexible results. These tech products eliminate the use of paper and books and are hence reducing the time and work power. (Report, 2021, December)

Digital Sketchbook_©
Digital Sketchbook_©

10. A – Light S | Tech Products

A light S is a durable solar lamp designed not just for illuminating, but also as a power source for radios and cell phones. It is one of the innovative tech products sustainably developed in the energy sector in Germany. This product was developed to upgrade the conventional lighting system towards a sustainable future. This light was designed to address the challenges of sustainability with state-of-the-art technology. In 2021, it was one of the products most sold products. it also has a health benefit that doesn’t harm the eye in any way. (SIEMENS, 2021, May)

A Light S_©
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Technology to the rescue

Technology since the last decade has grown to a level where we are, at any time, are surrounded by these innovative tech products. The tech products have control over our lives and at the same time, they also reduce our efforts by 50% or more. The year 2021 was a year of hope, the world needed to work its way toward post-pandemic normalcy and technology played a major role in connecting us. Technology and tech products are the reason we humans, can ensure smooth functioning of work, education, entertainment, socializing, etc. even remotely. Tech keeps reimagining life with evolved possibilities and keeps transforming our lifestyles.


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