“Just beautiful things. Wherever they may be.” -The Purple Turtles

The Purple Turtles was started in the year 2009 in Bangalore, about a decade back, as a boutique lighting studio growing today into one of the most sought-after stores for home and interior decor. 

The studio’s creations can be bought on its online platform. Their scale of work ranges from providing personalization to your home to the interiors of retail, hospitality, etc. sectors and for offices like Microsoft and IBM.

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The Team ©www.thepurpleturtles.com

Their designs showcase the desired combination of freedom yet a sense of responsibility, and the team loves the 3 Cs, the love to collect, curate, and create!

The Purple Turtles believes that every product has something to say and that objects associate deeply with the people, and shape their day. Their endeavor of customization in times of mass production, surely brings flavor and life to space, giving it a unique meaning altogether.

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The Purple Turtles ©www.thepurpleturtles.com

Here are a few products by the purple turtles, to which users connect and the spaces find and create their unique identity and ambiance.

1. Jali Design on Stone 

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Jali Stone ©www.thepurpleturtles.com

The product is a hand-carved mesh on a mono piece stone, created by Indian craftsmen. The product has a timeless rough finish and finds a good place in a vintage theme. It also suits well as a subtle piece of art in bohemian pop colors. 

The art piece beautifully captures the artist’s skill and commitment. 

2. Candle Holder

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Candle Holder ©www.thepurpleturtles.com

The candle holder has a contemporary look, a combination of triangles, trapeziums, and hexagons, holding one another giving it a stylish form. The brass tone in this candle holder gives it a unique rustic feel. The candle’s light gives a charming glow to the holder. 

The holder is an elegant piece for Danish white and wood-based living room interiors especially. The shining brass tinge makes it a perfect match for navy blue and rosewood bases.

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Candle Holder Front ©www.thepurpleturtles.com
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Holder with Candle ©www.thepurpleturtles.com

3. Artsy Wooden Wall Magazine Holder

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Artsy Wooden Wall Magazine Holder ©www.thepurpleturtles.com

This creation of the purple turtles is indeed an aesthetic and functional piece. This small article (26cm*31cm) has a rustic charm and the wooden textures give it a fresh raw look. It’s a piece for that cozy corner of your living room, work table, or library. 

Easily hung on two nails, this piece can be a flexible fit as per the user’s needs. The holder’s handy size makes it rather a multipurpose holder that can functionally hold magazines or aesthetically give a fresh look to space with some hanging creepers. 

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Holder Front ©www.thepurpleturtles.com

4. Coco Flower Pendant Lamp

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Coco Flower Pendant Lamp ©www.thepurpleturtles.com

This chandelier is an amazing work of art by The Purple Turtles, inspired by natural coconut flowers. The piece is a combination of hand-sculpted banana paper with a pinewood-teak finish suspension. It has a light finish giving it a formal yet integrated appeal. 

The decoration looks pleasant even when not lit. When lit, the glow has a natural effect on the wrapped banana paper.

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Inspiration ©www.thepurpleturtles.com
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Product Dimensions ©www.thepurpleturtles.com
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Light ©www.thepurpleturtles.com

5. Cork Container Small

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Cork Container Small ©www.thepurpleturtles.com

This tiny container is a perfect fit for minimalist bathroom interiors. They blend well with the materials around and serve the function elegantly without any chaos. Cork is a natural and hence an eco-friendly material. It has anti-bacterial properties ensuring hygiene. 

It has a clean form and is a good fit for washroom dry containers. It may also be used on desks to keep tiny stationery like erasers, pins, etc. The natural mustard color of the cork makes it suitable for a variety of shades and interior styles and themes.

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Open Container ©www.thepurpleturtles.com
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Container In Use ©www.thepurpleturtles.com

6. Morocco Wave Cushion Cover

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Morocco Wave Cushion Cover ©www.thepurpleturtles.com

Elegantly contrasting colors come together beautifully in this cushion cover. The geometric pattern and the yellow pop adds life to any plain or dull-looking interiors. These evergreen colors are almost a perfect fit for any plain setting, giving the interiors a lively, new, and bohemian feel. The cushion features an art embroidery with a cotton lining.

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Comfortable Cushions ©www.thepurpleturtles.com

7. Navroz Golden Spots Cushion Cover

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Navroz Golden Spots Cushion Cover ©www.thepurpleturtles.com

The exteriors weave into the interiors well with these cushion covers by the purple turtles. The colors add a tropical vibe to the space bringing the outside in and giving a very fresh feel and look to space. The covers are in tie-dye knitted panels and foil print. 

Subtle shades of the contrasting blue and orange colors chosen, blend well with each other and become an eye-catching element in the space too.

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Cushion on Sofa ©www.thepurpleturtles.com

8. Wooden Art Bench

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Wooden Art Bench ©www.thepurpleturtles.com

The bench is a very simple and natural wood art design and shall mix well with any garden design. The raw and natural look complements the greenery of the garden and the product would surely never look like misfit furniture in the garden. 

The product is a simple teak wood slab on two supports. It becomes a part of the garden the way the trunk-like supports are made.

9. Drama Queen-Chaise

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Drama Queen-Chaise ©www.thepurpleturtles.com

Aptly named by the turtles, the chaise is an aesthetic yet delicate piece that needs to be maintained and handled with care. The form of the chaise also gives the user a comfortable laid back posture. It has a striking pop of blue-red print and a fabric finish of velvet. 

It must be avoided to be used outdoors and any spills must not be left unattended. Well maintained if drycleaned every 6-9 months. The creation best tones in living or bedrooms(other than kids’ room), both aesthetically and functionally. The sheer form of this chaise makes it very comfortable furniture.

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Chaise Front ©www.thepurpleturtles.com
Purple Turtles- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet23
Chaise Side ©www.thepurpleturtles.com

10. Albert Sofa-Regal Print

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Albert Sofa ©www.thepurpleturtles.com

The regal print Sofa is available as a single-seater sofa. The first glance of it reminds one of the kings. The classic design lends it a noble and royal personality. It is a perfect armchair for living rooms, study spaces, or libraries. 

The material is wood and cane making itself comfortable with cushions in complementing print.




Shivani Chandra,a student of Bachelors in Architecture,is an eager reader and observer. The variety of users and perspectives,& the fact that architecture has solutions for all is what intrigues her. She firmly believes in the strength of healthy architecture in making the world a better place to live in.

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