Media transasia is designed for an advertising and media production company, located in gurugram. The 9600 sqft space was completed and designed by us , keeping in mind the personality and working culture of the firm. Media transasia publishes variety of magazines focusing on wide variety of interests , from fashion and lifestyle to interior design , complemented with a strong expertise in custom and contract publishing and events.

We studied the needs of the clients and embodied them in the form of a unique functional design that increases work productivity. Keeping in mind the concept of open and  spacious office , see through partitions , usage of glass along with solid partitions . The entrance zone opens up to the reception and waiting area which demonstrates the new solution of media with a backdrop of the firms logo.

Followed by two meeting rooms,the usage of tiles , which compliments the overall theme of office.  inside the core , located conference hall – this is the place where new ideas are born and are used for various meetings , even though the space is designed without any decorative details , it stands out through its simplicity and monochrome theme.

The main workspace is a large open area, that welcomes different disciplines to collaborate.The firm values functionality with vibrant colors, which has been communicated by us , through the use of materials such as laminate , tile, glass, wood , etc complemented by main colors of interiors such as yellow , orange , blue and white. Which blend beautifully with beige floor tiles.

The ceiling is combination of round shaped colourful panels and exposed look. The connection with nature hasn’t been forgotten as the design successfully incorporates plants against each column in the workstation and breakout area.

Moving on to the breakout area which encourages interaction between the employees and is free from other office distractions which shows the lively interiors that includes the playful furniture , hanging ceiling , see through wooden partition and with linear pattern rug. The design of large space MEDIA TRANSASIA  consists of many elements, each of which is an important component of it.


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