Architecture has always been a powerful tool for communication, expressing ideas and shaping behavior through the built environment. As an advertising agency, BBDO understands this concept and is in complete control of the communication they impart and the tools they use. Their communications strategy is based on the idea of engineered meta-message, where they not only plan messages but also meanings and comprehensions.

Project Name-Karina Kreth – BBDO Offices
Studio Name-Karina Kreth
Project size-  920 m2
Site size –  1050 m2
Completion date- 2020
Building levels -1
Location-Vicente López, Provincia de Buenos Aires
Photographer- Javier Agustín Rojas

Karina Kreth - BBDO Offices by Karina Kreth - Sheet1
©Javier Agustín Rojas

This project is an invitation to observe not only the objects present in the BBDO offices, but also what they represent and the emotions they provoke. Beyond the three dimensions of architecture, it is through the imagination that we begin to materialize a human space and through memory that we reconstruct a stage that extends into the materialized world.

Karina Kreth - BBDO Offices by Karina Kreth - Sheet4
©Javier Agustín Rojas

The compilation of memories in this work speaks to the agency’s commitment to translationism and the role of architecture as a ‘setting’ in shaping behavior. A spectator witnessing the interaction of these behavioral responses is observing a performance in constant evolution. The BBDO offices reflect this mission on every level, starting with the building materials.

Karina Kreth - BBDO Offices by Karina Kreth - Sheet8
©Javier Agustín Rojas

The floors are made from recycled tires from one of their clients and the entrance is covered in foil from their photographers’ light diffusers, which would have otherwise been discarded; thus, the workspace becomes a virtuous loop beyond the message, into meaning.

This is a mission that the agency extends into their work.


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