FOZ is a boutique museum located in the heart of Jerusalem that tells the story of the establishment of the State of Israel through a series of curated spaces. The design concept is based on a storyboard approach, with each space representing a different period in time, evoking a distinct atmosphere and conveying a unique message.

Project Name-The Friends of Zion Museum
Studio Name-Ollech + Tol
Project size-  450 m2
Completion date- 2018
Location-Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel
Photographer- Assaf Pinchuk

The Friends of Zion Museum by Ollech + Tol - Sheet2
©Assaf Pinchuk

The museum’s narrative flow is circular, beginning in the lobby with a depiction of modern-day Israel and leading visitors through spaces dedicated to the theoretical foundations of the state, before progressing to spaces that depict the actions and stories of individuals who played a role in its establishment across different eras and locations.

The Friends of Zion Museum by Ollech + Tol - Sheet4
©Assaf Pinchuk

The museum concludes in the same space as it begins, providing a holistic understanding of the State of Israel’s history.The design process is highly customized and detailed, utilizing digital fabrication tools to create forms in wood, concrete, and marble, resulting in a highly crafted museum made of unique spaces that together form a unified story.

The Friends of Zion Museum by Ollech + Tol - Sheet6
©Assaf Pinchuk

The final outcome is a museum that is greater than the sum of its parts, providing a deeper understanding of the individuals and events that shaped the State of Israel.


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