In the industrial area, the INHUS group of companies creates, produces and constructs reinforced concrete structures. The architecture responds to the building’s internal structure and context in a laconic manner.

Project name: INHUS Office building
Studio Name: sprik
Design Team: Mantas Olsauskas, Ieva Cicenaite, Jurate Cirtautaite,
Year: 2019
Location: Zariju str. 6 LT-02300, Vilnius, Lithuania
Photography Credits: Norbert Tukaj
Structural Engineer: INHUS Engineering

INHUS Office building by sprik - Sheet7
©Norbert Tukaj

In terms of planning and spatial solutions, the building is designed with employees in mind. The volume of the building is assembled from reinforced concrete structures produced in the adjacent factory. In addition to being the company’s office, the building also serves as its main exposition space. By emphasizing concrete’s advantages and possibilities, architecture and interior design make full use of concrete structures.

INHUS Office building by sprik - Sheet8
©Norbert Tukaj

There is a separation between the workplaces and the common spaces, which allows employees to meet and converse in an informal setting over coffee. Since the office is located farther from the city center, the building features additional amenities for employees: gym with sauna and showers, basketball area, dining room, kitchenettes on each floor, open-air recreational areas.

INHUS Office building by sprik - Sheet9
©Norbert Tukaj

The architecture and the interior of the building are neat and correspond to the structure and logic of the building. The office serves not only as a workplace, but also as a display for the company’s production.


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