The project concerns the transformation and renovation of a single-family house and the revaluation of its garden.

The first operation has been cleared of its annexes and canopy on the ground floor.
The project then includes a complete redesign of this floor and the ground floor to create a real connection between them and the garden.

Studio Name: Monsieur Pascal Architectes
Design Team: Pacome Godinot & Pascal Monniez
Year: 2020
Location: Brussels
Photography Credits: ©bepictures

Gilkin by Monsieur Pascal Architectesv - Sheet4

New staircase to the garden level, directly accessible from the entrance, has been created as an extension of the existing staircase. The facade is widely open and an extension is built so that a generous space can be used for the living room, in connection with the garden.
The extension does not exceed the footprint of the old awning and minimises the height of the party walls.

Gilkin by Monsieur Pascal Architectesv - Sheet6

On the ground floor, a bay is pierced in the facade and the backs are demolished to flood the kitchen with light and allow a through view from the entrance. The redesigned kitchen opens onto a new terrace (roof of the extension).
On one side the wall has been raised slightly to avoid direct views. On the other side, a green roof has been created to distance the house from the neighbour.

Gilkin by Monsieur Pascal Architectesv - Sheet8

On the upper floors, a new bathroom has been fitted out, again in dialogue with the garden. A single low central partition allows the creation of a shower while preserving the characteristics of the room (moulding, fireplace…). This principle of conservation and enhancement of the existing is applied to the entire renovation by affirming the interventions. The beams, the suspended staircase in lacquered steel and the white epoxy highlight the existing elements such as the mouldings and the floor.

Gilkin by Monsieur Pascal Architectesv - Sheet9

The front facade is unchanged while the rear facade retains its original elements on the upper floors and is opened up to the maximum on the two lower floors.
The facade of the extension is made entirely of anodised aluminium. A vertical blade cladding is extended to become a railing for the terrace.


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