The object of the refurbishment is a building with an exposed brickwork finish in Carrer de Joan Miró, in Barcelona. The intervention on the façades is very specific, respecting the building as a whole in terms of both form and materiality.

Project Name: Joan Miró Office Building / Oficinas en Joan Miró
Description: Integrating the past: renovation of an existing office building
Sector: Offices
Type of work: Refurbishment and Interior Design

General Information Architect

Architecture Firm: GCA Architects
Firm Location: Barcelona and Madrid
Partner: Francisco de Paz
Start year: 2020
Completion Year: 2021
Gross Built Area: 8.795 m²
Project location: Carrer de Joan Miró, 21-23 – 08005 Barcelona, Spain
Photography credits: José Hevia
Client: AEW
Contractor: ISG
Project Management: Albion Real Estate Management
Building Surveyor: GCA Architects
Structural Engineer: STATIC Ingeniería SLP
MEP Engineer: JSS Efficient Engineering
Landscape: GCA Architects
Achievements: LEED Gold
Leed Consultants: Lavola

Joan Miró Office Building / Oficinas en Joan Miró By GCA Architects - Sheet4
©José Hevia

The proportions of the openings in the façades are increased to facilitate the entry of light and natural ventilation, and the wood between the windows is replaced with exposed brickwork, just like the existing façade. The materiality of the façade lends majesty to the building through a rhythmic and unitary volumetric composition, which manifests itself on both the outside and the inside. The building envelope represents the character of the building.

Joan Miró Office Building / Oficinas en Joan Miró By GCA Architects - Sheet5
©José Hevia

In the central area of the façade, the openings are enlarged and lined around the perimeter with metallic material, creating a contrast with the exposed brickwork and emphasising the access to the building.

Compositionally, the project proposes the reconfiguration of the building’s vertical communication core, rotating it by 90 degrees to generate a wide interior connection corridor between the two streets. The intervention facilitates the entry of natural light into the lobbies and all levels of the building. The result is a fluid and open space where the interior lines play with the light and with the views of the outside streets, which are encapsulated in the windows.

Joan Miró Office Building / Oficinas en Joan Miró By GCA Architects - Sheet6
©José Hevia

In the office area, a contemporary open-plan space dialogues with the textures and chromatic range of the existing building, maintaining the premise of quality already provided by the original materials.  The character of the new way of experiencing the workspaces, with an open plan and exposed installations, is balanced by the warm colours of the façade and the vibrant textures of the exposed concrete structure. The new office spaces thus become a space suspended between past and future.


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