Casa Mika is located northwest of the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City. In it, the building materials work as a binding element through the project.

Studio Name:  ASP. Arquitectura Sergio Portillo
Design Team: Sergio Portillo Alarcón, Ivan Reyes Almaraz, Carlos Negrete Cruz, Rodrigo Pico.
Area: 580 m2 / 6243 sq ft
Year:  2021
Location:  Lomas Hipódromo, Estado de Mexico. Mexico


Design Director: Sergio Portillo Alarcón
Project coordinator: Ivan Reyes Almaraz
Design Developer: Ivan Reyes Almaraz
Structural engineering: Carlos Caballero “Edificación Integral”
Electric engineering: Andrés Rechi
Illumination design: ASP Arquitectura Sergio Portillo
Project construction: LINEAL Desarrollo y Construcción.
Electrical execution: Grupo R
Director of construction: Sergio Portillo Alarcón
Landscaping: PA-AR
Photography Credits:  César Béjar

Mika House By ASP. Arquitectura Sergio Portillo - Sheet2
©César Béjar

The program seeks to generate dialogues between the spaces and their immediate surroundings, between exterior and interior, solids and voids, always with the purpose of connecting spaces throughout different experiences.

In addition, a priority during the development of this project was the implementation of passive bioclimatic strategies focused on a proper management of natural light, as well as acoustic and thermal insulation in the areas that required it.

Mika House By ASP. Arquitectura Sergio Portillo - Sheet4
©César Béjar

A scheme of two main blocks separates public from private areas. Voids, subtractions and punctual openings make ways to patios, conceived as spaces for contemplation, dispersion, and coexistence directly related to the interior of the house. We doubled the interior space by linking it to its immediate exterior, giving each of these, a distinctive feature within the house.

Mika House By ASP. Arquitectura Sergio Portillo - Sheet5
©César Béjar

Most of the building materials used are from local provenance: white clay brick, certified woods, apparent concrete, and traditional ironwork, achieving a harmony between functionality, aesthetics, and materiality as a whole.


With works published both in Mexico and abroad, plus the experience of having directed and coordinated an office and a construction company in partnership for 10 years, in 2014 Sergio Portillo founded ASP, an architecture studio located in Mexico City aimed at the generation of value through the contemporary practice of architecture and urbanism with contextual and environmentally sensitive approaches.

ASP feels a true commitment to architecture and to the people who live it. That is why the main interest is to develop relevant proposals for both the place and its surroundings, taking into account the different circumstances of each case and working along clients and specialists from various disciplines in order to find a solution that dignifies the project and represents a real benefit for them.

Combining high-tech materials with regional products, for ASP each project is an unprecedented case that requires a specific approach, assessing the integrity of the concept and meticulously taking care of the quality of both project and construction details, staying true at the belief that substance lays on the intangible, beyond forms or aesthetics.


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