Comfort and flexibility are the new keys to collaborating as a team, concentrating or relaxing, welcoming collaborators and encouraging creativity. In AD, we also wanted to reflect the aesthetics of the magazine.

Project name: AD Offices
Oficina de Arquitectura/Architecture Office: EstudioReciente
Office location: Madrid, España
Year: 2020
Surface: 122 m²
Project location: Madrid, España.
Architect on charge: Carlos Tomás
Design Team: Gerónimo Galli

AD Offices By Estudio Reciente - Sheet5
©Estudio Reciente

Together with Enric Pastor and his team, we transformed these desires in the AD Space at Condé Nast, a versatile, adaptable and domestic-scale office. Spatial continuity is its strong point, we achieve an open interior without strict divisions.

AD Offices By Estudio Reciente - Sheet6
©Estudio Reciente

The newsroom, the meeting room and the management office are connected in a circular way through a double wall of curtains that allows a smooth transition between them. This textile skin can be closed and create privacy. The reform, with a selective demolition, sought to reduce waste and the chosen materials are recyclable and without emissions.

AD Offices By Estudio Reciente - Sheet7
©Estudio Reciente

The chromatic points of the pavement marked the choice of colors and the common thread of the interior design. We started from the monotonous office characteristic of the 50s and added other tones. The depth of the night blue in the entrance and the office takes us out of this small visual oasis and the total maroon look of the boardroom gives it a theatrical appearance in order to free up ideas and exchange opinions.

©Estudio Reciente

The light beige management office with a large collaborative desk takes elements and tones from the other areas to adopt its own identity. Like as in our homes, the plants provide the necessary natural life, the lockers for personal items allow the common tables to be cleared and the office is a spontaneous meeting point. It is the home office, or the home office.

Estudio Reciente

Estudio Reciente is an architecture and design office founded by Carlos Tomás in 2019. After graduating from the Universidad de Alcalá (UAH) and working during six years in Laussane (Switzerland) he decided to return to Madrid and start his own career.

We have a transversal conception of design, where the boundaries between architecture, interior or object design are not clear. In our office each project seeks to find his own and evident solution, each project is looking for his own personality.


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