As a pioneering force in the smart automobile industry in China, Byton works to deliver fully outstanding future mobility solutions. It commissioned inDeco to design its office in Nanjing. Based on the concept of providing smart and human-oriented designs, inDeco explored to create a future-facing workspace by integrating technology and creativity.

Project Name: Byton Nanjing Office
Category: Workplace
Location: Hongfeng Science and Technology Park, Nanjing, China
Area: 9,890 m2
Design Time: August 2017
Opening Time: June 11, 2017
Chief Designer: Zhou Yan
Design Firm: inDeco
Main Materials: sanitary appliances (American Standard), carpets (Tescom), furniture (Haitai)
Photography: Zhao Donglin

©️Zhao Donglin

Combination of industrial tone and sense of technology

Byton Nanjing Office is located in Hongfeng Science and Technology Park, which has four floors and a total construction area of 9,890 m2. inDeco incorporated Byton’s concept of design, technology and future into the interior design, adopted an industrial design style based on a color palette of black, white and grey, thereby creating an office complex that integrates the functions of working, leisure, reception and display. On 1F, display area and guest reception area are perfectly combined as a whole, with special lighting design on the top, which enhances the visual effects of automobile display.

©️Zhao Donglin

In the conference room, the floor, ceiling, walls and floor are all embellished with ink and wash “tire tracks”, presenting elements specific to the industry and well matching the color palette of the space. Besides, screens function as its doors, which can be opened and closed flexibly. Apart from being used as partitions, those screens also decorate the space greatly. The floor surface is characterized by abstract tire tracks as well as irregular division, which indicates nature of the company and improves the quality of space.

©️Zhao Donglin

A free creativity space

The second, third and fourth floors are used as working and leisure areas, which not only have to meet functional needs for the company’s daily operation, but also need to be staff-friendly and helpful to establish a sense of belonging and accomplishment among employees, so as to maximize productivity. inDeco injected warm hues into the space, which balances the cool tone of the overall space and manifests humanistic considerations.

©️Zhao Donglin

Refreshing green plants and golden light dilute the sense of “massiveness” of the industrial tone, and render a more comfortable working environment. There is a staircase-like meeting area, which is very flexible. Large rectangular desks and open flexible workstations are arranged in a mixed way, which are adaptive to independent and collaborative working modes. The floor surface is characterized by abstract tire tracks as well as irregular division, which is consistent with the brand’s human-car interaction genes.

©️Zhao Donglin

As Byton combines the Internet with traditional vehicle industry, inDeco also integrates the Internet and traditional decoration industry. Based on the emerging concept of “Modular Office Design”, inDeco interpreted a smart, human-friendly, well-designed and healthy working space. This project shakes off the image of traditional offices, which is more like a creativity community with great spatial value.


inDeco is an one-stop solution for commercial space renovation – we offer basic design-and-build services, furniture and other value-add services. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, such as image recognition and 3D scanning, as well as independently-developed systems such as automated design system, construction management system, supply chain system and AI tools, we are able to connect parties across the entire industry value chain and achieve high efficiency and lowered cost.

Founded in Oct 2016, inDeco now has more than 300 employees, including 80+ professional designers, 70+ professional site engineers, and 30+ managers with overseas experiences. Headquartered in Beijing, inDeco has also set up branches in Shanghai and Shenzhen. InDeco has won multiple design awards such as AMP, London Design Awards, IAI, Idea-Tops and CIDF.

InDeco has served more than 1500 enterprises and designed over 1.5 million square meters of commercial space. Our clients span across IT, real estate, automobile, finance, education, media, public institutions, co-working space, online celebrity and FMCG (headquarters and stores). Our clients include Bytedance, UXIN, Tencent, Peking University, Tsinghua University, People’s Daily, Woo Space, Ruhan and many other well-known enterprises.


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