The architecture of MacroCare Headquarters seeks to reflect the character of a trusting Technology company and also its motto of ‘Trusted Connection’. The interlocking masses and the tilting planes form a large void within the center of the building that not only becomes a green space but draws the eye towards this large open space where social connection and interaction occurs within the company.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Type: Architecture and Interior Design
Program: Office Building
Client: MacroCare Co.,Ltd.
Site Area: 1,225 sqm.
Built Area: 2,000  sqm.
Design: 2014-2016
Completion: 2019
Construction Cost: 70M baht

Stu/D/O Project Team: Apichart Srirojanapinyo
Chanasit Cholasuek
Park Lertchanyakul
Panfan Laksanahut

In Collaboration with:
Landscape Architect: Field Landscape Studio (Teerachai Tharawongthawat)
Graphic Designer: Symbolist Co.,Ltd.
Structural Engineer: B.N.G. Engineering
Mechanical Engineer: MEE Consultants
Consultants: Chanin Limapornvanich
Contractor: Will Studio
Photography: Spaceshift

MacroCare Office' by StuDO Architects - Sheet3
© Spaceshift

While cutting away or subtracting from the large mass to create a void within the very center, this internal court is where visual connection within the different functions occur as each program space look out into this large outdoor atrium, giving cohesion to the different departments that make up MacroCare office.

MacroCare Office' by StuDO Architects - Sheet4
© Spaceshift

With weather conditions of the West-facing site, the front façade of the building had to be quite closed to block the harsh sun rays, therefore aluminium panels were designed to clad the entirety of the mass not only to give the building a prominent modern impression, but also in its detail of perforations and openings that work to create self-shading and ventilation for the building. The angular turns interlock the mass to create an open void within the middle of this largely dense mass. This central void enables some greenery and nature to exist within the various programs as they face inwards towards this internal court that allows light and wind to filter through, providing a space of nature in the heart of the building. Other green pockets are added within the building, namely small courtyards on the second and fourth floors that connect to the Gallery, Innovative Space and Workshop area, in aim of giving a better quality of work-life for the employees and main users of the building.

MacroCare Office' by StuDO Architects - Sheet6
© Spaceshift

The design of the approach and entrance of the building includes a reflecting pond that uses the same pattern as the façade panels but shift and tilt slightly to create subtle effects when the water and light filter through. The narrow bridge crossing the reflecting pond, along with the randomly arranged columns on the deck that mimic tree trunks within the forest and perforated pattern canopy that filters subtle light through gives the entrance an ambience that is resembling nature, but in very distinctly modern materials and environment. In the evening, the perforated pattern canopy cast shadows onto showroom, creating a digital translation of the natural tree canopy; a feature experience for the visitors of MacroCare.

Apichart Srirojanapinyo

Apichart Srirojanapinyo is a co-founder and architect at Stu/D/O. Born in Bangkok, Apichart received his Bachelor of Architecture from Chulalongkorn University and his Master’s degree in Architecture and Urbanism from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Between his two degrees, Apichart worked at Architects 49 for four years where his work received multiple commendations including the ASA Gold Medal Architecture of the year for the ‘Royal Archives, Repository, and Information Center’ project at Nakhon Pathom. Subsequent works comprise of diverse directions and typologies including a series of residences, civic architecture and competition projects. Interbridging Mumbai, his urban design proposal that reconnects Central Mumbai and the Eastern Waterfront received an award from IAHH Mumbai.

Chanasit Cholasuek

Chanasit Cholasuek is a co-founder and architect at Stu/D/O. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Chulalongkorn University, Chanasit went on to work at Architects 49 limited. Early in his career, Chanasit executed a series of spectacular private residences that feature refinements of, and variations on tropical modernist principles. In order to explore and develop his interest in sustainable design in the tropical environment, Chanasit pursued a Master of Architecture degree in Sustainable Environments Design from AA (Architectural Association School of Architecture) in London. His study in sustainable design for low-income housing in Bangkok has been widely recognized; published in Ken Yeang’s “Green Design: From Theory to Practice”, “The Architects’ Journal, the home of British Architecture” and exhibited in London and Tokyo.

Stu/D/O Architects

Stu/D/O Architects is a young Bangkok-based architectural design studio whose practice traverses the fields of architecture, urbanism and sustainable design. Grounded in the belief that architecture should consider all layers of physical and cultural distinctness in each site, the office does not adopt a fixed design process, but instead focus on a strong studio culture that pool together fresh ideas to result in new design approaches and possibilities of creating space. Founded under the desire to create architecture that sustains itself and the community along with it, Stu/D/O’s work reflects the importance of the human experience within the creation, and complexities of constructed environments.

Having graduated in Architecture Design from Chulalongkorn University, the two co-founders Chanasit Cholasuek (D) and Apichart Srirojanapinyo (O) both worked at Architects 49 Limited before pursuing their graduate studies in AA (Architectural Association School of Architecture; Sustainable Design) and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Architecture and Urbanism) respectively. In 2010, they established Stu/D/O Architects under the belief that a collaborative working environment lead to unrestrictive design thinking that allows for the freedom to explore new possibilities of architecture.

With its team of passionate architects, designers and engineers, Stu/D/O has designed and is currently involved in both local and international projects across an array of design typologies. These include a wide range of design projects, from small exhibition designs, private residences to large commercial buildings.

Since its establishment, Stu/D/O has received various awards and international recognition for their architectural work, earning their reputation as one of Thailand’s notable architecture design offices. Most recently, Stu/D/O’s projects received awards from World Architecture Festival (WAF) for two consecutive years: InterCrop Headquarter in the 2018 Office Building Category and Naiipa Art Complex in the 2017 Mixed Used Category. In addition, Naiipa was selected for the 2017 Honorable Mention from The Arcasia Awards for Architecture, the 2016 Citation Award from the Association of Siamese Architects (ASA), along with the 2015 Building of the Year by Wallpaper* Magazine.


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