The project [3×2] is located on Shariati Street, Tehran, within the Police Street and on an area of 6 square meters. The subject of the project may seem somewhat unattractive at first glance; but the importance of it can be identified and addressed as a matter of concern taking into account the fact that most city’s temporary structures are overlooked and built without the intervention of a designer.

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Project Name: 3×2
Architect Name: Alidoost & Partners

3x2 By Alidoost & Partners - Sheet2[3×2] is actually a guard room for the visitors to enter a construction area for an office building, where we have already been responsible for design of the main building. Accordingly, the client expected us to design this room, as well.

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3x2 By Alidoost & Partners - Sheet4One of the requirements of the client was the design and construction of the building in a very short time (10 days). Thus, the project must have been designed in less than 3 days and run within 7 days. Given this limited time, the first proposed approach was to use prefabricated elements in all or part of the project structure. Also, the use of metal as an easy and flexible material in the design of the form could result in the completion of the project as soon as possible.

3x2 By Alidoost & Partners - Sheet5

In order to create a visual appeal for a temporary structure of the workshop from the general perspective on the one hand, and to pay attention to the employer’s desire for a quick look at the design of the main project under construction and the use of its ideas in designing the security room on the other, the solution design was based on the use of the design of the main window designs as metal cut patterns in the second shell of the guard chamber, along with attention to the presence of greenspace in both projects. Also, to emphasize green space in the project, gray was chosen as a neutral color for the shell and green for the main room cement wall behind the second shell.

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3x2 By Alidoost & Partners - Sheet7Eventually, the design team’s efforts, along with the demands of the project client, focused on this, with a different presentation of a temporary structure, a more favorable image of such structures could be found in the viewer’s mind, which may be referred to as interim structures, but for several reasons, they have been featured in urban life for several years.


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Rethinking The Future Awards 2022