Cepezed is a frequently decorated architecture office with a wide range of projects both in and outside its home country The Netherlands. Assignments address high-profile and sustainable projects such as the revitalization of State Office De Knoop, the circular catering pavilion The Green House, the dismountable Temporary Courthouse in Amsterdam and the new pier at Schiphol Airport, but also e.g. state-of-the-art laboratories and ingenious educational buildings.

Rethinking The Future Awards 2022

Project Name: State Office De Knoop
Architect Name: cepezed

State Office De Knoop By cepezed - Sheet5At cepezed, projects are designed as monuments of function for people, not monuments of thanks to an architect. There is a lot of attention for a high sojourn quality and a long term, flexible ease of use.

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State Office De Knoop By cepezed - Sheet6Aesthetics and functionality are logically linked in the designs and the office is high-skilled at managing the complexity behind simplicity. cepezed uses an integral design method in which building components often fulfill various functions at the same time. This way, the agency forges various aspects such as spatial design, construction and installation techniques into an indivisible whole.

State Office De Knoop By cepezed - Sheet8cepezed has a lot of in-house knowledge: there are internal specialists for every design part and the office has separate departments and sister companies for interior design, property development and construction management. With a constant focus on buildable and high-quality architecture, the various branches collaborate closely and transparently.


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Rethinking The Future Awards 2022