Located in a decisive natural environment, a wooded area for decades, this corporate office campus project seeks to integrate with the landscape proposing soft, curved and winding forms that let the sun and air pass between its buildings.

PROJECT NAME Campus La Calandria
LOCATION Pilar [BA] Argentina
CLIENT/OWNER Sebastian Dubie, Horacio Bossi
SIZE 30,000 sq. meters
TEAM Isabel Fillat Martinez, Architect / Ana Kaplan, Graphic Designer

Campus La Calandria By MSGSSS - Sheet1

The set of 3 oval buildings is joined on the ground floor by a slab that acts as a continuous base and gives unity to the whole. Allowing to go between buildings under cover through a continuous commercial recove.

The elliptical geometries allow panoptic visuals on an environment of closed neighborhoods, trees and villas, all of lower height than the buildings of 18.50m.

Campus La Calandria By MSGSSS - Sheet2

The concept of the proposal, create between trees, seeks to activate the senses all the time in relation to nature. Thus, a number of spaces with recreational and sensory outdoor activities are proposed. With 2 leading places: La Pradera, central courtyard of the complex with amphitheater and activities; and the Forest, wooded space to go away to think and relax.

The whole proposal is a corporate work environment away from the city, with suburban characteristics that integrate it with nature, at all times.

Campus La Calandria By MSGSSS - Sheet4

From the materialization is sought that the slabs shade their glass facades, so that sustainability is incorporated into the architectural project, avoiding the discomfort generated by solar radiation on the workspace.

Its roofs are accessible green terraces where the labor community finds another space for recreation and informal meetings with excellent views of height and sunsets in the countryside.


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